Bars in Bethnal Green

For many the East End is a common haunt for the perfect weekend night out with its host of cool bars, trendy crowds and amazing club nights. Most of these bars are on Shoreditch High Street or Hoxton Square sure, but venture a little further out into Bethnal Green and you'll find that the cocktails get a little cooler and the bars do too. Often seen as the great escape from stuffy pretentious types check out our recommended list of the best bars in Bethnal Green.

Last updated on 8th October 2019


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Having previously worked at Savoy's Beaufort Bar, Chris Moore has brought an air of je ne sais quoi to this bar in Bethnal Green. Serving drinks inspired by regions of France alongside charcuterie and enticing cheeses, Coupette is all you need if you're craving a taste of the continent. 

HAPPY HOUR 2 FOR £12 Cocktails 17:00-20:00 and 2 other offers

Under some arches you'll find this Bethnal Green drinking gem hidden away. Arguably the coolest bar in the area, you can sit up top in their mezzanine area looking down on a buzzing production line below which is working hard to produce and bottle lots of lovely cocktails. Next door you can buy a clinking bag full of the delicious cocktails you've been drinking all night, so you never have to go a night without a negroni again.