Wednesday Nights in Brighton

So.... Wednesdays, no one really likes talking about them now do they? You'd all pretend it didn't exist; but what with so many Wednesday night antics to be discovered in Brighton, we recommend that you think twice. From noggin quenching quiz nights to club antics by the beachfront, Wednesday's not so bad after all. Check out our recommendations for the best Wednesday nights in Brighton and discover why this previously dead weight of a week night is now a top notch night to discover in the city. 

@ Marlborough Pub & Theatre on Every Wednesday

You are strong, you are musically minded and you got this buddy. Dash for a little dutch courage every Wednesday night in Brighton as The Marlborough open up the stage for you, the mic fearing public. Whether you're nipping down to cheer a pal on, taking to the stage yourself or hoping to catch some undiscovered talent, Soundscapes Open Mic is a great place to find it.

@ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar on Every Wednesday

We don't know about you, but we know our way around an analog stick. Want us to prove it? Take us to I Am Arcade at Sticky Mike's every 2nd and 4th Wednesday night in Brighton. An evening for those with a penchant for retro games consoles, classic games and pizza, I Am Arcade is an evening to chill out and take in the sweet sounds of button bashing in Brighton.