Best Hangover Picks in Brighton

The lights may be on but after last night there is definitely no one home. Need to get out of that silly 'one more' shot wooze? Making your way out of that post-night-out cesspit of a bedroom? You're in luck, we've compiled a sweet selection of hangover hideaways that will soothe your noggin, boast a cracking selection of 'mop it up' grub and great spots to catch up with chums to confer over the events of last night. Check out our recommendations for some of the best hangover picks in Brighton and battle that head fog away. 

Grand Central

10 user reviews 5

With a charming sun-trap of a terrace and plenty of hearty plates, Grand Central is a premium choice for blasting away the cobwebs. Sit and soak up sunshine, glug a pint of their carefully chosen ales, munch on the reasonably priced food and wait for that hangover to sling its hook. Plus the venue is conviently located close to the trains station, should you need to leave Brighton after last night's shenanigans.

The Tempest Inn

83 user reviews 4

Is the sun a little too bright for you today? Well no fear, take off those shades and descend into the dimly lit depths of these coastal caves along Brighton's beach front. If you're the queasy kind, head outside and grab a picnic table and let the fresh sea breeze and stunning sea views knock you back into shape.

The Hare and Hounds

1 user review 4

Sometimes in life there are only two things that can deal with your hangover: beer and Mexican food. Fortunately for the sensitive souls of Brighton, The Hare and Hounds has both in abundance. La Choza are cooking up their delicious nibbles in the kitchen while the pub serves up a whole host of delicious dinners to satiate your rumbling stomach.

Good Companions

2 user reviews 3

There are three simple pleasures that can drag anyone out of their hangover woes: A great beer garden, some sweet pub grub and a hearty gallon of ale. Luckily for those who have a penchant for these three after a hardened night of partying, there's a pub in Brighton that can promise it all, and more; introducing, Good Companions. We mean, come on, what more could you need on a hangover than good companions anyway?

The Basketmakers Arms

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There are two types of people with a hangover in Brighton, those that whine after a fry-up, and those who know what's good for them by getting a slap up British meal. Known for some of the most infamous pub lunches this side of the shore, The Basketmakers Arms know how to wile that hangover away with their traditional interiors and a more than wholesome, if not subtly gastro, menu of pub grub. 

The New Club

3 user reviews 4

You sir look like you need some fresh air in your lungs after another debauched night out in Brighton. If the sun just so happens to be shining on the day, take your hungover butt to The New Club for some fresh sea air, a slap up breakfast and some pretty potent bloody marys. Nab yourself a table outside and watch that hangover sail out to sea thanks to The New Club's sweet New York take on brunch. 

The Black Dove

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You look like you need a really dark room and an even stronger drink. While it might be hard to tear yourself away from that ketchup stained bedroom, The Black Dove have too good a hangover retreat to shy away from. Head on down to their dimly lit basement snug, bloody Mary in hand and wave goodbye to the hangover you once knew, and yes, hated; revelling in sweet vintage wares instead. 

The Cow

1 user review 5

This wholesome restaurant bar in Seven Dials, you'll be seeing that hangover away in suburbia. Whether you fancy a pale ale or a much needed bloody mary, The Cow will whip up a sweet selection of post-night out refreshments before you plough your way through some suitably British fare; burgers and roast dinners galore.


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Whilst some may dabble in the realm of grease after a night out in Brighton, some of us just favour a good ol' cup of tea and a bloody Mary when the moment suits. One of the most dapper little tea spots in Brighton, Metrodeco is a heart warming escape from your hangover, boasting a sweet selection of tea and an even sweeter selection of cocktails.