Quirky Date Ideas In Brighton

One of the most creative towns in the UK, this cultural hotspot has plenty to do for couples. From swanky bars touting wacky cocktails to immersive prison experiences and cool treasure hunts, you can rely on this hub for those romantic plans. So, if you're in need of some inspiration, our recommendations for quirky date ideas in Brighton.

Last updated on 2nd February 2023

Dead Wax Social

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More than just your average pizza location, Dead Wax Social is sure to step date night up a gear as they churn out slice after slice, alongside playing vinyl records and quirky craft beers. And if you turn up on the right day, you can even catch some local bands doing their thing.


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Tired of heading to a boring ol' restaurant for a date? Why not make your own food with YO! Brighton's awesome sushi masterclasses? Not only will you learn all about how to create Japanese dishes, from salmon nigiri to crunchy Cali rolls, but you'll get to taste it all too. Oh, yes.

Planning a date that's a little out of the box? Then check out Ink (at etch. by Steven Edwards). This speakeasy-style joint located underneath the best-loved venue is sure to impress with a glorious array of cocktails and interiors. Think features inspired by an ex-tattoo studio.

Paint a Pic Brighton

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Paint A Pic Brighton are bringing you one of the quirkiest ideas for a Brighton date night. At the hosting bar, you can grab drinks while getting to work on your masterpiece, which you can take home after the class is done.

  Alcotraz: Cell Block One-Three

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@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Brighton on Various dates from Wednesday 8th February 2023

Fancy quaffing cocktails in the clink together? Then head to Brighton's finest Alcotraz: Cell Block One-Three. Inside this immersive prison, you'll have to sneak in liquor past the warden all while befriending the crooked guards, which will be used to make your bespoke bevvies.

Bored of the same old bog-standard dinners and drinks? Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Tours is sure to jazz things up. Armed with your headphones and a spring in your step, dance-walk through the streets, with intermittent flash mobs and hilarious commentary to wrap the whole experience up.

This gorgeous little gin bar on Church Road is full of little quirks that will delight both you and your date. Each table comes equipped with a bar from which to order drinks or just have a chinwag with someone at the next table. Cosy and intimate, it's a fun place for a kooky Brighton date night.