Quirky Date Ideas In Brighton

If it's quirky date ideas in Brighton you're looking for then you may find yourself spoilt for choice. One of the most creative towns in the UK, everything from its bars to its pop up events are the stuff your wacky and wonderful date dreams are made of. We've rounded up a selection of the best though, so read on for our recommended quirky date ideas in Brighton.

Last updated on 5th September 2022


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Home to some of the most quirky activities, Rockwater in Hove is a firm choice when it comes to things to do in the town. Join in on their awesome selection of events, spanning from run clubs across the Western Esplanade to top-notch comedy night, this venue won't fail to impress.


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Tired of heading to a boring ol' restaurant for a date? Why not make your own food with YO! Brighton's awesome sushi masterclasses? Not only will you learn all about how to create Japanese dishes, from salmon nigiri to crunchy Cali rolls, but you'll get to taste it all too. Oh, yes.

The Bee's Mouth

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Part bar, part neon-lit junkyard, this Hove-based watering hole is one of Brighton's more unique offerings. With a gloriously varied selection of speciality beers from around the world, it's a dreamy location if you're looking for an out-of-the ordinary date night option.

This gorgeous little gin bar on Church Road is full of little quirks that will delight both you and your date. Each table comes equipped with a bar from which to order drinks, food or just have a chinwag with someone at the next table. Cosy and intimate, it's a fun and fantastical place to have a kooky Brighton date night.