Weird & Wonderful Bars in Brighton

Ever contrary, Brighton has always been one to champion the unique, the weird and the wonderful. It's friendly and non-judgmental approach to life extends across its bar and pub offering, serving up all sorts of unusual cocktail concoctions in wonderfully creative spaces. Check out our top picks for weird and wonderful drinking dens in Brighton; you won't be disappointed - promise. 

Dead Wax Social

61 user reviews 4

It's all about vinyl records, craft beers and perfectly cooked pizza at this north Lanes hangout. The interior is stripped back, with an industrial feel and a striking decor. Posters of artists and bands adorn the walls and you can even take your pick from the eclectic selection of music when it's quiet.

Chances are, you've already heard of this Hove hotspot. This place is lined with copper to block signals and discourage phone usage inside, so the only thing you're thinking about is that sweet, sweet taste of gin. There's even a phone at each table so you can order in comfort and perhaps make a call to that guy across the room...

Somewhere between a decadent manor house and Pat Butcher's living room, The Regency Tavern mixes kitsch opulence with good old fashioned pub vibes. A hit with locals and tourists alike, this kooky bar serves great tapas, as well as, British classics and fantastic seafood. 

The Black Dove

4 user reviews 4

Delightfully dusty and unquestionably unique, The Black Dove is an emporium of knick-knacks, vintage wares and age old paraphernalia. The creative interior is charmingly matched by a 'Cocktail Bible' of creative concoctions, an impressive selection of international craft beers and locally brewed ales.

The Bee's Mouth

1 user review 4

Everyone's favourite junkyard, The Bee's Mouth offers a plethora of unique events, a treasure chest of bottled beers and a bizarre collection of oddities. Manoeuvre your way through the multitude of cosy nooks and locate the live music room or mirrored basement den.

Twisted Lemon

4 user reviews 5

Nestled in the heart of The Lanes, this quaint cocktail bar is easy to miss if you aren't in the know. However, once you're inside, you really can't resist that sweet smell of lemon. There's happy hour every day until 9pm so get the cocktails in and immerse yourself in the buzzing atmosphere.

Raggedy books, vintage fare and a deli-style selection of hot dogs. That's JW Lennon's for ya. A homage to the traditional Irish and American style bars that came to prominence at the end of the 19th century, this Kemptown bar is something of a love letter to back street bars of a bygone era.


5 user reviews 5

Whaddya get when you combine dark black chesterfield sofas, mirrored walls, glowing red lights and some of the most spectacular cocktails imaginable? Bohemia. Expect all sorts of molecular madness at this quirky drinking spot, where cocktails are adorned with pieces of real Brighton rock and dry ice.