Rainy Day Bars in Brighton

It's raining, it's pouring ... but Brighton needn't be boring. Don't let the miserable weather dampen your spirits - Brighton is full to brim with rainy day bars and pubs, the ideal hideaway from the doom and gloom that awaits you in the outside world. Chow down on something hearty and warm, and whet your whistle with a selection of tasty alcoholic beverages - the ideal way to while away a rainy day in Brighton.


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A traditional boozer in Kemptown, Sidewinder serves a mean feast on a Sunday and offers a hella cosy interior to boot. Full to brim with all sorts of unusual oddities, your retreat from the wind and the rain could find you perched over an N64 controller, soaking up a lil retro console action in the games corner, with something tasty in hand, of course.

Dead Wax Social

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When the weather outside is miserable, there's nothing quite like holing up inside and stuffing yourself with delicious stonebaked pizza. Add on some serious vinyl and you've got yourself a perfect rainy day destination in Brighton.

The Lion and Lobster

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There is nothing more comforting than a hearty roast on a Sunday, drowned in gravy and smothered in all sorts of deliciousness. A popular spot on a rainy day in Brighton, you'll have to hunt for a table: no Brighton wanderer wants to go without their signature slathering of traditional Sunday grub. Expect hearty Yorkshire puddings and slow roasted pork belly.


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Tattered vintage furniture and walls smothered in antiques, the Hobgloblin is a charming Brighton watering hole, whatever the season. Whilst this one may be famed for its huge patio area (a welcome retreat in the summer time), the Hobgoblin meets the needs of the weather-worn with an extensive selection of beers and rotating kitchen residencies. A top choice for a rainy day bar in Brighton.  

Good Companions

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A hub of plenty when it comes to gastro-goodness in Brighton, Good Companions is an old reliable for a rainy day in Brighton. Weather-worn Brighton-ers can indulge in anything from their eight hand-pumps, with Sussex brews regularly featuring as the pick of the day, and hearty servings of chef Harry McGann's finest chow to keep hunger well at bay. Remember, you don't have to leave Good Companions; they're the friendliest pub in town!

The Prince George

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Veggie-friendly and boasting a diverse selection of meat-free fare, The Prince George is a unique rainy day pub in Brighton. Decoratively, The Prince George offers a charming mix of the traditional with the bespoke, whilst the bar delivers a sweet selection of Sussex Ales, Primavera Patties and baked burritos. Hearty grub and hoppy brew - what more could you want from a rainy day pub in Brighton?