Vegetarian (Friendly) Restaurants in London

From seasonal vegetable dishes and stunning pasta plates to top-notch tofu sushi and light lunch bites, the vegetarian revolution London certainly isn't new, but it sure is delicious and worth having a crack at. Be a lord of the land, make away with fish and meat this meal time (science says you may not need it after all) and check out our recommendations for the best vegetarian restaurants and dishes in London. 

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Last updated on 26th July 2018

Camino Bankside

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One of the best vegetarian friendly restaurants in London, Camino Bankside has no time to waste, supplying diners with their very own vegetarian menu to choose from. Noted for their Spanish tapas plates, head on down for something truly European in the heart of London. 

Ping Pong Covent Garden

466 user reviews 4

If you're looking for vegetarian friendly dim sum in London, you've more than come to the right place. Join Ping Pong in Covent Garden for favourites the likes of their spicy vegetable dumpling, their potato and edamame cake and their spinach and mushroom dumpling.

Make the most of a mezze if you're a vegetarian in London thanks to the delicious dose of plates at Levant. Hailed for their gilded and thematic interiors alongside globally renowned cocktails, the vegetarian menu at Levant is booming with tahini, pastries, falafel, deep fried pumpkin and more. 

Cinnamon Bazaar

6 user reviews 4

When it comes to vegetarian meals in London, it's Indian dining that shines. One of the best places to see all of this, head on down to Cinnamon Bazaar as their meat-free dishes boast everything from samosa chaat down to a stunning, peanut covered aubergine plate.

The Courtesan

69 user reviews 4

Vegetarian dim sum in London, sometimes it's not the easiest to find; but with a stunning roster of plates and veggie selection, Courtesan are doing non-meat eaters just right. From grilled turnip cakes and vegetable spring rolls to Chinese broccoli dim sum, grab a bite of the Orient here.

Inamo Camden

49 user reviews 4

Looking for a unique, vegetarian restaurant in London that not only provides on all foodie fronts, but offers something a little interesting to boot? Join Inamo Camden for some of the best in Eastern cuisine as you can tuck into spicy aubergine, meat-free sushi, tofu plates and more.

Rosa's Thai Cafe Brixton

25 user reviews 4

Rosa's Thai Cafe arrives in Brixton serves its range of traditional dishes to Brixton's hungry crowds. Having been created by a husband and wife that were inspired by their travels across Asia, the restaurant will take a handful of traditional recipes and subtly infuse them with modern flavours. With dishes like butternut red curry, vegetable spring rolls and plenty of tofu-based dishes, this restaurant is also perfect for vegetarians. 

Toting a selection of top vegetarian dishes in London, Drake and Morgan at King's Cross may not be exclusively meat-free, but it is churning out a top selection of options for those that are. From a halloumi burger and butternut squash ravioli to vegetarian sides, the menu is smaller than most, but ample in flavour.


293 user reviews 5

There's something pretty special about the menu at Haunt in Stoke Newington. Entirely vegan and coming at you with jackfruit burgers alongside the likes of beer battered guacamole, it's never been so easy to be cruelty-free at this top dining spot. 

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