Top 5 London Food Events in May

Last updated . By Julianne Spingler.

It is quite the sad truth that summer is a moment of fleeting beauty here in London. For that, I fully plan on foregoing any chance of a sculpted six-pack in favour of stuffing my face with seasonal favourites—no judgments heeded, thank you very much. Life is short, and the presence of sweet sunshine in this gloomy city is even shorter, so may I suggest giving into all culinary callings by checking out a few foodie havens setting up shop just in time for the weather to warm. Here's our list of the best food events going down in London this May.


Dalston Yard Street Feast

Opens April 29-30: Dalston Yard

Hosting a feast fit for a king in a venue trendy enough for a hipster, the Dalston Yard Street Feast is a wicked beast that spares no soul from a proper food and booze coma. Returning for another superb spring and summer season on April 29th, wanderers will waste hours in the company of endless, decadent summer stuffs such as tacos, doughnuts, burgers, and beer.

Have you ever seen a doughnut this beautiful? We sure have, at Dalston Yard Street Feast.

Little Feast

Opens Late May: Shepherd's Bush Yard

Truly putting the 'festive' in the food festival game, Little Feast will be making its much-anticipated return to Shepherd's Bush Yard at the end of the month. While being slightly mum on the finer details of its upcoming summer tenure, expect FEAST to drop West London with a wow-worthy follow-up to last year's solid line-up of street eats and whimsical Nordic forest theme.

Fingers crossed that they bring the twinkly string lights from last year's Little Feast back.

POPdown by Cuisson

Opens Mid-April: 1 Cathedral Street Building

We think that dinner is best served with a side of sophisticated theatrics, and POPdown by Cuisson has a big plan on doing just that. Taking over 1 Cathedral Street starting in mid-April, this slightly more permanent pop-up will serve seasonal selections of delectable Asian-inspired dishes—with a dash of added production value from storytelling and master classes. Even better, the ground floor will become home to the Ikigai Bar, whose name is derived from the Japanese term for 'a reason for being'. Why yes, craft cocktails and five courses are exactly where we find our reason for being, so sign us up. Find your tickets here.

Edible flowers never fail to offer a little chic, artsy charm, now do they?

The 90s Brunch

Sat. May 14: Secret Location

I'll tell you what you want, what you really, really want—to go to the 90s Brunch on May 14th. All cheesy Spice Girls jokes aside, this mid-morning party features bottomless mimosas, fun costume baubles, and all of those head-bobbing tunes from our favourite decade gone past for only a dirt-cheap £35. Who knew that time travel could be so boozy and reasonably priced? Here's where to get your hands on a ticket.

Now if only this meant we could get Britney and Justin back together.

The London Falafel Festival

Sun. May 1: Borough Market

If heaven were to be sent to Earth, it would undoubtedly come in the form of a deep-fried ball of chickpea. Okay, while that sentiment may be teetering on melodrama, we do believe that falafel is at the very least deserved of its own festival. Luckily, all Mediterranean-food-related prayers will receive answer at Borough Market's first ever London Falafel Festival on May 1st. For a mere £20, witness four of the world's most-famed makers compete to fill our hearts, and our stomachs, with the namesake treat until we finally find falafel absolution.

These spiced chickpea gems will be offered by Pilpel's Uri Dinay—one of the festival's 'fantastic four'.