Best Bars To Get A Pickleback in London

If you haven't tried a Pickleback yet, where on earth have you been!? The two-shot tipple - which combines whisky with pickle juice - has come a long way since it started out as something of an outlandish experiment in New York City. It's now easily one of the most talked about drinks around, with some bars offering a number of different versions of the drink to curious customers. Check out our guide to the best bars to get a Pickleback in London, and try it out for yourself today.

Belushis Camden

171 user reviews 4

Happy Hour! 5pm-7:30pm Monday - Friday and 6 other offers

It's Pickleback-mania at everyone's favourite fun-hub, Belushis! Sink one too many amidst one of the most laid-back vibes in London. Cool, fun and relaxed, you can get in on the PB-action at their Camden, HammersmithShepherd's Bush, London Bridge and Greenwich outposts.

Portobello Star

46 user reviews 5

This Notting Hill hangout has been bringing fine alcoholic beverages to its customers for over 270 years, and its still at the forefront of the market when it comes to adapting to the latest trends! Snap up one of Portobello Star's famed Pickleback's today and stay to sample their fine selection of gin whilst you're there. 


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A unique venue in the heart of Hackney, Oslo is an authentic Norwegian venue with a "Dark Nordic" theme, filled with eerie woodland and menacing folk characters. Equally as known for its impressive drinks selection, it boasts an array of cocktails including of course, a mean Pickleback which has to be tried. 

The Electric Diner offers an exclusive location for you to enjoy a Pickleback in relaxing surroundings. The members-only venue in Soho teams the Pickleback with cocktails on tap. That's right, cocktails on tap! Since you've come all the way out you'd be silly not to try one alongside your Pickleback, and there's a thorough selection of tasty American snacks should you get hungry too.