Bars in Wandsworth

Leafy, suburban and casual; those looking to get away from the throngs of the bustling central can find a haven in Wandsworth. Brimming with casual boozers, flittings of cocktail bars and great places to eat come rain or rare London shine, Wandsworth is a great alternative to what the heart of the city is packing. Check out our recommendations for the best bars in Wandsworth. 

Last updated on 17th September 2020


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Based in Wandsworth, Stillwater is a fun-loving cocktail bar and kitchen that serve some of the best flavours in South London. While chef Brett Milligan plates up Cajun food in the kitchen, Dan Priseman (previously of NOLA Bar in Shoreditch) and Simon Webster are the masterminds behind the bar, mixing together a variety of classic cocktails from across the world.