Best Food Events in Brighton

A metropolis of food related events, Brighton is a bloody wonderland when it comes to pop-up restaurants, street vendors and residencies. We've lined up a whole host of fun events that'll have all you Brighton foodies bouncing with grub fuelled anticipation - from pop-up street vendors to food and drink festivals, you'll certainly find something to suit. Hungry? Thought so.

Last updated on 29th October 2020

Every Friday between the hours of 11am-3pm at Brighthelm Garden, Street Diner arrives to soothe the wants and needs of Brighton's lunch time longing. Serving up the 'Dead Good Burrito', 'The Troll's Pantry' alongside 'Honeycomb Cakes', these guys serve dish after dish of carefully crafted grub every single week. Get in the queue lads, we're starvin'.

If four days of relaxation over the Easter Weekend has left you feeling more than a little peckish, you'd better make your way down to Brighton's Food & Drink Festival - stat! Welcoming local farmers and producers alongside Brighton's most talked about bars, restaurants and food sellers, this one serves up a serious selection of local and seasonal fare, to create a delicious whirlwind of tasty grub.