Quirky Restaurants in Brighton

Sometimes dinner just won't do. Boasting ourselves as one of the most creative cities in the UK, you can bet all that dastardly wisdom flows through onto the dinner table. From Stateside-style retreats laced in urban neons to European fare with a side order of cabaret, Brighton restaurants refuse to follow the mould. Check out our recommendations for some of the most unique restaurants in Brighton and discover that not all evening fare be made of bland napkins and cardboard disguised as chips. 

The Lion and Lobster

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£20 Set menu 2 courses: and 2 other offers

The Lion and Lobster just so happens to be one of Brighton's oldest pubs and with that accolade comes a whole lot of charm and quirk. The vintage pub is filled to the brim with unusual interiors, from vintage photos to cosy corners. On top of all that, it serves up a delicious menu of hearty British fare.

Some may consider the fact that going out for dinner means that someone else makes your food, but how about throwing all that by the wayside and having a go for yourself? A renowned Japanese restaurant in the heart of the city, Moshimo aren't the only ones getting hands on in the kitchen, you are too. Boasting sushi workshops for couples and groups alike, you'll know how to roll 'em and stuff them in your chops in no time.


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You might not consider burgers a wholly unique dish, but you'll never look at them in the same way again once you've visited this eccentric little plot. One of the most unique burger bars in Brighton, MEATliquor is not only laced in American flavours and cracking cocktails, it's doused in neons, boasts its own DJ booth and caters to some of the most cool and garish of urban whims. 

La Choza

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While street food in Brighton has really kicked off these last few years, there's one vibrant little joint that took their tasty South American wares back inside. Boasting more colours than the rainbow itself, or at least we'd say so, this intimate little Mexican restaurant is a vibrant blast of Day of the Dead wares and Lady Guadalupe attitude; all with the delicious home-spun Mexican fare to boot. 

Lucky Beach

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While it isn't rare to come across a restaurant on the beachfront, it's rare to come across one that doesn't serve fish and chips alone. Hauled up in one of Brighton's unique beachfront archways, Lucky Beach is a premium spot for American style fare. Brooklyn in its interiors and New York in its taste, this intimate little restaurant can't fit a whole lot of people, but it can fit a whole lot of flavour.