Quirky Restaurants In Brighton

Sometimes we want to spruce up our regular ol' pub grub or perhaps don't fancy dinner from the local chippy, and luckily, the town is full of wacky eateries to explore. From Stateside-style retreats to European fare with a side order of cabaret, food spots this town refuse to fit the mould, so we've rounded up the best quirky restaurants in Brighton.

Last updated on 19th April 2023


A renowned Japanese restaurant in the heart of the town, Moshimo are serving up sushi in its finest form, from vegan and veggie options to a whole actual boatload of the stuff. If you want to learn how to make the best maki rolls, be sure to check out their masterclasses.

The Set

One of the most romantic restaurants in Brighton, The Set is not only part of the Artist Residence, but they also offer tasty seasonal plates. Designed to appeal to every sense, they are serving up bites from posh crumpets and pickled herring to whole lobster and bone marrow hash browns.