Nights Out in Brighton

It's not just beach days and quirky shops you know... Yes, nestled in among the Lanes and along the seafront, you'll find a wealth of fantastic bars and clubs for all your partying needs. From epic DJ sets that'll have you dancing to the hottest new hits to cocktail aficionados shaking up potent tipples, here's our pick of the best places in Brighton for a night out.

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Last updated on 15th April 2024

The Secret Comedy Club

Discounts available on certain events

A quirky one when it comes to Brighton's best nights out, The Secret Comedy Club is bringing you witty and thigh-slapping entertainment throughout the week. From Tuesday pick-me-ups to Saturday night shows, the award-winning events are well worth a visit.

Alcotraz Brighton: Cell Block One-Three

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Brighton on Various dates from Tuesday 16th July 2024

Don your orange jumpsuits and prepare to enter a criminal underworld at Alcotraz: Cell Block One Three, an immersive cocktail event in Brighton. Perfect for fans of the theatrical, this hands-on experience will have you and the crew attempting to sneak booze in past prison wardens.

The Arch

It may be small, but The Arches delivers some of the best club nights in Brighton from its underground hangout. Music comes first here, with 12KW Funktion-one Dance Stacks paired with twenty-one-inch bass speakers, meaning that when DJs do their thing, the sound is next level.