Unique Bars in Brighton

Famous for championing the unusual, Brighton is a wonderland for fans of the unique and the down right peculiar. Showcasing some of the most innovate approaches to interior design and mixing up one hell of a storm when it comes to their cocktail offering, Brighton boasts an eclectic bunch of drinking establishments for one and for all. Take a peek at our list of the most unique bars in Brighton and go bloody mad for their quirky charm.  

BYOC Brighton

154 user reviews 4

This broody basement bar brings something totally unique to the standard cocktail bar offering: guests are invited to challenge the masterful mixologists that stand behind the bar to whip up a cocktail of their choosing. But here's the catch: these guys don't carry any alcohol on the premises; rather, guests hand over whatever boozy libations that have on them and set these big shots the ultimate challenge. Totally unique, this one is not to be missed.

The Mesmerist

45 user reviews 5

Housing an impressive menagerie of taxidermied creatures and sourcing inspiration from both the steam punk movement and gin palaces of the 1920s, The Mesmerist is a cocktail bar in Brighton that excels in all things unconventional. Look forward to bottled trinkets, eclectic nooks and all sorts of vintage fun at this unique bar in Brighton. 

Forget ping pong or plain old boozin' for your evening escapades, it's all about karaoke and Lucky Voice know it. This Japanese inspired bar is a luxe little den of drinking delights, lavish lounging and singing your heart out to those classic tunes. In tune, out of tune, no tune ... we don't care, it's all about having a ruddy good time. 

The Tempest Inn

22 user reviews 5

This quirky hot spot surfing the waves on Brighton's beach front is a great shout for an entertaining night out. Nestle into a cosy cove set into the rocky walls and gather round the candle light with your frothy pints or your cocktail concoctions and get tipsy in a cool coastal cavern. And if you need a bit of fresh air, don't fret, boasting one of the best beer gardens in Brighton, grab a seat at a picnic table and admire the sea view as you sip.

The Black Dove

4 user reviews 4

An emporium of vintage wear and dusty collectibles, The Black Dove charms on first glance. Browse the 'Cocktail Bible' and sample the creative concoctions on offer - they've all been whipped up by master mixologists and will impress even the most discerning of drinkers. Alternatively, opt for one of their international craft beers or locally brewed ales at this charming Kemptown drinking spot. 

Hotel Pelirocco

1 user review 4

Encouraging all sorts of rock and roll behaviour, Hotel Pelirocco combines creative concoctions with wonderfully inventive interiors. Sample the Del Boy, Reggae Sunsplash or Dirty F*ckin' Rotter as you take in your surroundings: look forward to polished pink tables, bespoke wallpapers and all sorts of interesting oddities. Hotel Pelirocco is a stellar choice for a unique bar in Brighton.