Immersive Experiences In Brighton

As if this glorious seaside town wasn't enough? It's also bringing you the unusual and the unmissable with its range of alluring antics. From drinking bespoke concoctions in the clink to potion-making classes and hilarious silent disco walking tours on the beachfront, check out our roundup of the very best immersive experiences in Brighton.

Last updated on 11th October 2022

Alcotraz: Cell Block One-Three

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Brighton on Various dates from Friday 24th March 2023

Fancy sneaking booze in past the warden all while wearing an orange jumpsuit? Now you can with Alcotraz: Cell Block One-Three, an immersive experience in Brighton. From long-serving inmates and hilarious moments to an unusual prison setting, this is like nothing else by the sea.

The Cauldron's Immersive Potion-Making Classes

Calling all Potterheads to The Cauldron in the heart of Brighton's city centre. This wizard-themed venue is flaunting cocktail-making classes, where you'll be able to choose two poisons to craft with special effects and properties. Now, get ready to practice your best expelliarmus.