Hipster Bars in Manchester

'Hipsters can't be defined, because then they'd fit in to a category'. Heck, hipsters, we're not here to define you, we're here to tell you that we like how you dress, your approach to creativity, and the cracking bars you drink in. Hipster haunts where laid-back and cool reign supreme, these liquid lairs bludgeon the bohemian and the brash in the name of art, creativity, and often cocktail aestheticism. Check out our recommendations for the best hipster bars in Manchester. 'How did the hipster burn his tongue? He drank his coffee before it was cool'

Almost Famous

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Hipsters need to eat too y'know, though they're bound to eat far better, and far more organically than you. But heck, that's the categorisation we were trying to stay away from. Known for munching on massive burgers too, hipsters can be found indulging in some serious patty fare at Almost Famous, and nearly every night.


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Not your average NQ haunt. NoHo is one magnetic Manchester venue that seduces passers by with it's deep brooding interiors, lowly lit bar and graffiti art walls. Adorned with luxe red leather Chesterfield's this is a guaranteed hipster haven. Noho knows how to smash a great crafty cocktail and DJ together for a weekend mash-up of good time groovin' beats and a packed dancefloor of faithful boppers. 


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Simmer down now. No, literally. A more laid-back alternative to hipster antics, Electrik is the destination for a cool coffee and cake, all before embarking on a cheeky beer in to the early evening. With a regular turn-over of local art sprawled across the walls, and their minimalistic furniture echoing scandi chic, it's a laidback alternative to a bustling cocktail bar. 

Trof Northern Quarter

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Bare brick and woodwork, never were there better a building material for hipsters in Manchester. Toting a destination in the Northern Quarter, Manchester's most prominent destination, and a cool collection of craft beers and spirits to boot, this is a bar in the city that does the NQ's inclination for industrial innards proud. 


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Pop-up art exhibitions, a regular turnover of creatives and cracking coffee to boot, you couldn't make up a more hipster destination if you tried. With a regular turnover of bobble hats, bearded chaps and denim jackets, Common is a destination for the artistically inclined hipster that knows how to blog, and doesn't mind sitting in a bar to do it.