Pretty Bars in Manchester

Manchester's restaurant scene may be booming, but it's also home to some of the prettiest bars. These drinking spots are covered in everything from fairy lights and fresh foliage to breathtaking views to enjoy with some gorgeous cocktails. Check out our recommendations for pretty bars in Manchester. 

Refinery Spinningfield's Manchester location is a hip sanctuary smack in the center of the dining and drinking district. It looks like it's straight off of a Pinterest board, with geometric designs everywhere and fluffy blankets draped over chairs. The outdoor terrace, complete with more blankets, is not to be missed. Eclectic and pretty, it's the perfect spot to get cozy with some cocktails. 

Gaucho Manchester

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Black and white isn't just a dinner party theme at Gaucho, it's their very existence. It's very elegant, with silver chandeliers and two level dining area but, don't let the color scheme fool you. Gaucho is equally edgy, with the cowhide accents bringing a fun and contemporary feel to the Argentinian steakhouse. Its unique design and decor make Gaucho one of the prettiest restaurant bars in Manchester. 

Prepare to be transported to the Far East in Tattu's Rose Garden, where guests can enjoy Pan Asian food and drink. Body art provides the inspiration for the decor... who would have thought with a name like that? The Oriental decor, complete with cherry blossoms, make this pretty bar the perfect place for a unique night out.

Pretty in pink, Menagerie is just as much of an experience as it is a restaurant and bar. Head on down for cutesy features, stunning patterns, intricate design features, velvets and plush marble in this high-end and oh so attractive setting. 


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It may be one of the biggest celebrity hangouts in the city, but it also happens to be one of the prettiest locations too. From the sweeping white lines to the subtle intro of plants, head over for the stunning gastro grub at Rosso but stay for the interiors.