The Best Pizza Restaurants In Manchester

Fiorentina to Hawaiian, stuffed crust to deep pan; you're never short of choice when it comes to the best pizza in Manchester. Whether you're craving New York pies that tickle your tastebuds or light and doughy slices, we've got 'em all. Check out these restaurants to have Italian treats flying hot out of the oven and into your mouths.

Last edited by Kiera Chapman

Last updated on 8th November 2023

Double Zero Pizza

A top pick of Manchester pizza restaurants, Double Zero is a Chorlton destination that's named after the flour this Italian dough is made from. On the menu? Truffle mushroom numbers, slices slathered in hot honey, and white bases with wild broccoli and sausage.

Noi Quattro

From the team behind Pasta Factory, this Northern Quarter pizzeria is serving up a stunning array of slices, from vegan delights to meaty marvels. On top of that, they offer a relaxed and informal dining experience, with the added of novelty of chairs that are also swings.


As well as offering some of the best pizza takeaway in Manchester, Proove also has a relaxed indoor space and sunny terrace. Head here for wood-fired creations made using only the freshest ingredients, with plenty of vegan an gluten free options available too. 

The Laundrette

A Chorlton's favourite, Laundrette serves top-quality pizza and cocktails in inviting surroundings. Slices are freshly created on site and showcase the finest in local produce, with fiery toppings a specialty, so expect plenty of chilli splashed about and some delicious meaty options.