The clubs in Manchester are some of the best in the country with a huge selection to choose from. Whether you want a big night out in Manchester and fancy trying one of the bigger, warehouse clubs or something a bit smaller but no less hectic at one of Manchester's boutique clubs and DJ bars. If you are looking for the best night clubs in Manchester then we have your night sorted. Including some very cool bars that are open until late and have the atmosphere and DJs of a big Manchester night club. Make sure you get on the Manchester club guest list and make it a night to remember.

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Manchester Nightclub Inspiration

  • Our Guide To The Best Clubs in Manchester

    Roaring open spaces, unique themes and a mega roster of DJs; you guessed it, it's Manchester's best clubs.

  • VIP Clubbing in Manchester

    Prime for those who like their drinks and dancing with a side order of VIP, join these exclusive clubs for the socialite experience.

  • Student Clubs in Manchester

    Found yourself in the city for an education? Pah, let's party. Here are some of the best places to club as a student in Manchester.

  • Quirky Manchester Clubs

    If you're tastes are a little bit weirder and a little bit freakier, there's a few places in Manchester you need to see.

  • Northern Quarter Clubs

    Some of the best places to go out in the country, these clubs in the Northern Quarter prove that the north really does party hardest.

  • What's On in Manchester

    As the lights go down and the sound systems go up, it's time to get to know some of the best parties in Manchester.

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