Secret Bars In Manchester

Every city has its hidden gems, including when you're looking for a watering hole to head to. From password-only bijou drinking dens to tiny underground rock 'n' roll bars, they're all on our recommended list of secret bars in Manchester. But shhhh, we don't want everyone to know. So let's keep them between ourselves, yeah? 

Last edited by Scarlett Welch

The Temple

Referred to by locals as 'The Temple of Convenience' due to its former life as a public toilet, this Oxford Road underground bar is a popular hangout with local indie types and musicians (it's one of Guy Garvey's favourites). It's fronting a jukebox, delish beer selection and rock 'n' roll vibes. 

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Alcotraz Manchester: Cell Block Three-Four

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Manchester on Various dates from Saturday 20th July 2024

One of the most quirky hidden bars in Manchester, Alcotraz is bringing together slick sips, secret entrances and smuggling in one fun package. Join the team on Watson street for a night of contraband cocktails and orange jumpsuits in a subterranean prison.

The Daisy

Hidden cocktail bars in Manchester don't come much better than Evelyn's, a Parisian-inspired haven for coffees and private co-working across the day, but with drinks and music coming out to play at night. Here, you can sip your way through peach tea-infused pisco whipped up from wild strawberry vermouth, lemon, agave and bitters.