Secret Bars In Manchester

Every city has its secrets. And every city has its secret bars. Those little backstreet, hard to find but totally amazing bars known only by the locals. Manchester nightlife has some great little secrets tucked around every corner, from password-only bijou drinking dens to tiny underground rock 'n' roll bars. So if you're too lazy to search high and low for these places yourself, then check out our recommended list of the best secret bars in Manchester. But shhhh, we don't want everyone to know. Let's keep them between ourselves, yeah? 

Last updated on 22nd June 2021

Concealed in the Northern Quarter's Short Street, NQ64 is the dimly-lit bar that pairs classic arcade games with themed cocktails and craft beer. Expect retro console, glowing graffiti and UV galore with titles from Goldeneye to Mortal Kombat at this unique secret Manchester bar.

The Washhouse

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Just because you think you can wash your underwear, doesn't mean you can. And just because you don't think you can get stunning cocktails here, doesn't mean you can't. One of the sexiest secret Manchester bars, immerse yourself in all of the drinks behind the launderette. 

The Temple

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Referred to by locals as 'The Temple of Convenience' due to its former life as a public toilet, this Oxford Road underground bar is a popular hangout with local indie types and musicians (it's one of Guy Garvey's favourites) thanks to its great jukebox, good beer selection and rock 'n' roll vibes. 

The Gaslamp

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One of the most unassuming and secret places to drink in Manchester, Gaslamp comes at you with vintage minimalism and subterranean charm just shy of Deansgate. Head on down and drink your way through signature sips against a backdrop of kitsch titbits and retro white tiling. 

You'd be forgiven for passing Convenience Store and just thinking it's another newsagents in the Northern Quarter. But step inside and you'll find a neon-lit candy shop serving up a selection of retro sweets and chocolate bars, alongside sodas, slushies and, of course, cocktails.

Hidden beneath Evelyn's is a private members club with a cheeky secret. This plush and sexy haven is great for coffees and co-working in the day, but by night the cocktails and music come out to play. To get into The Daisy? You need to submit an application – via Instagram.