Japanese Restaurants In Manchester

Looking to slurp on ramen? Or tuck into some sumptuous sushi? Whether you're feeling just a little peckish or absolutely ravenous, the land of the rising sun will have whipped up some tasty dishes to satisfy your hunger pangs. We've rounded up all the best Japanese restaurants in Manchester because, boy, do these guys know how to pack a flavourful punch.

Last updated on 13th March 2023

Restaurants For Ramen In Manchester

From Lucky Ramen to New Wave, Tokyo and more, these famous places for the steaming bowl of broth are sure to hit the spot. Whether you're a vegan, fancy black garlic tonkotsu or want a spicy version, check out our guide.

MUSU Manchester

This new Japanese restaurant in Manchester has set up shop on Bridge Street, bringing with it a luxurious multi-course dining experience that's ideal for splashing the cash on a special occasion. Sleek interiors? Outstanding flavours? These guys have it all.


While boasting dishes that span all of South-East Asia, Tampopo is also ideal if you want a halal Japanese restaurant in Manchester. Their dedicated menu covers everything from katsu udon soup to gyozas and more.