Quirky Clubs In Manchester

There's only so many times you can listen to the top 20 on a night out before you start craving quirky clubs in Manchester. Whether that's dark and dingy hollows built in monument to dark lords (not even a joke) or tropical paradises that'll make you instantly forget you're in the cold, cold North, there's a reason why this city is the clubbing capital of the country. So take a look at our list of quirky Manchester clubs and get stuck into a really different night out.

Last updated on 12th May 2022

Satans Hollow

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This is the venue for the punk rockers, metal heads and goths of the city. This unique Manchester club offers cheap drinks, two bars, and even a statue dedicated to Satan – so you pretty much know if this is the crowd for you. Heavy music, a party crowd and a few piercings is the order of the day.

Night People

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Alternative nightclubs in Manchester don't get more fun than Night People. Not only do they attract an alternative crowd, they host live bands three times a week, as well as a series of (mostly retro) club nights. The drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is strictly “have a good time”.