VR Experiences in London

Cutting edge VR technology? It's finally here to switch up your usual routine, bringing you a night of fun, flying, and playing in an alternate universe. What's better than a night out that has you feeling like you're soaring through the clouds, fleeing a martian invasion and entering a whole new world? Here are some of London's best VR experiences bringing competition to your night out.

Last updated on 27th November 2019

Inter-Pub Gaming

50 user reviews 5

Discounts available on certain events

One of the most popular VR experiences in London, try out one of Inter-Pub Gaming's great games at a number of locations across the city for one of the best gaming events you'll try out this year.


228 user reviews 4

One of West London's top party spots, head to Acton's Aeronaut where they'll be bringing you some epic VR experiences from their on-site, state-of-the-art booths.

Pitch London

6 user reviews 5

Bay for just £30!! (For groups of 6+)

Pitch is an all-new unique golfing concept, welcoming seasoned pros and first-timers to enjoy a game of interactive golfing. The new City clubhouse features a cracking bar with a plethora of experiences to choose from whether you fancy Putt 18 hole courses to 'golf darts'.