VR Experiences in London

Cutting edge VR technology? It's finally here to switch up your usual routine, bringing you a night of fun, flying, and playing in an alternate universe. What's better than a night out that has you feeling like you're soaring through the clouds (and occasionally) shooting at your friends? Here are some of London's best VR events bringing competition to your night out.

Last updated on 4th September 2018

4 events @ 3 venues with 166 upcoming dates from 04 Sep 2018 until 30 Nov 2018

One of the most popular VR experiences in London, try out one of The VR Concept's great games at a number of locations across the city for one of the best gaming events you'll try out this year.

2 events @ Limitless-VR with 54 upcoming dates from 04 Sep 2018 until 31 Oct 2018

Offering one of the ultimate VR experiences in London, head to Limitless where they'll be bringing you a huge selection of games to get involved with, along with tournaments and even some food and drinks for when you start to flag.

6 events @ DNA VR with 300 upcoming dates from 04 Sep 2018 until 12 Nov 2018

DNA VR invites you to immerse yourself in this unique experience. Conquer Everest, survive a Zombie apocalypse or take part in a completely new experience through a virtual reality simulation.

11 events @ Aeronaut with 100 upcoming dates starting on 05 Sep 2018

One of West London's top party spots, head to Acton's Aeronaut where they'll be bringing you some epic VR experiences from their on-site, state-of-the-art booths.