VR Experiences in London

Cutting edge VR technology? It's finally here to switch up your usual routine, bringing you a night of fun, flying, and playing in an alternate universe. What's better than a night out that has you feeling like you're soaring through the clouds, fleeing a martian invasion and entering a whole new world? Here are some of London's best VR experiences bringing competition to your night out.

Last updated on 9th October 2020

@ Trapped Escape Rooms on Various dates from Wednesday 21st October 2020

This state of the art VR experience is every gamer's worst (or best nightmare), where you must escape the terrifying realms of virtual reality. Choose from two exciting escape room missions and work against the clock, solving puzzles and cracking codes to get yourselves out. 

After a whirlwind year, we reckon it's probably best to escape to an entirely different reality. DNA VR is letting you do just that, with locations in Camden and Hammersmith and a whole host of different experiences, from zombie apocalypses to underwater temples.

A mind-bending experience, DARKFIELD is a brilliant immersive audio performance that can be enjoyed at home. Sit across from your mate, plug in and be prepared for a wild descriptive storyline that'll have you questioning how well you really know the person sitting opposite you.


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One of West London's top party spots, head to Acton's Aeronaut where they'll be bringing you some epic VR experiences from their on-site, state-of-the-art booths.