Best Escape Rooms In London

Stuck in a pitch black room with a zombie? Trapped in a horrifying toy shop? No, these aren't plots for a new horror movie but some of London's best escape rooms. Taking over the city and for good reason; with a whole range of imaginative scenarios, brainteasers and teamwork-building skills, they offer a great alternative to your normal night out. Whether it's a hen do, stag do or work party, we've got some great suggestions for escape rooms to put you to the test...

Last updated on 30th March 2023

DRINK & PLAY: The Hunt for The Smoking Caterpillar - Comedy escape room + immersive theatre experience

@ Ninth Life on Saturday 15th April 2023 and 13 other Saturdays

Taking place at Ninth Life in Catford, The Hunt For The Smoking Caterpillar is a thrilling escape room experience with mind-bending tasks and hilarious immersive actors. Step into a bonkers re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland, where literally anything can happen.

Sherlock: The Official Live Game

Taking the idea of an escape room to thrilling new heights is the official Sherlock live game, which will have you play detective and piece together clues from the stars of the hit BBC drama. One of the best escape rooms in West London, it's a riddle-filled cocktail making experience.


Looking for the best escape rooms in London? Then check out Trapped. Whether you fancy getting locked in a prison van, holed up with a zombie or immersing yourself in the world of undercover spies, this crackin' experience is bound to impress.

DNA VR - Various Sites

The best escape games in London? Utilising the latest gaming technology, DNA VR lets you explore and solve four exciting rooms. You can use one of their virtual reality pods or their free-roaming area and work together with your mates in a whole new world at sites across the city.

Mazer Zone

If you're looking for a challenge in the city, then check out Camden's Mazer Zone. Whether you want to save the world or steal a precious jewel from a Hatton Garden safe, this immersive escape room experience will you solve riddles or crack codes to complete the tasks.

The Bletchley: Cryptic Cocktail Experience!

@ Hackney Funhouse on Various dates from Sunday 2nd April 2023

A thrilling concept in the heart of Chelsea, The Bletchley is an immersive bar that puts your code-breaking skills to the test. Using WW2 Enigma machines and Sherlock's power of deduction, you'll work with expert mixologists to convert your results into cocktail ingredients and complex recipes.