Escape Rooms In London

Locked in a white van? Trapped in a horrifying toy shop? No, these aren't plots for a new horror movie but escape rooms in London. Escape rooms are taking over London and for good reason; with a whole range of imaginative scenarios, tricky brainteasers and teamwork-building skills, they offer a great alternative to your normal night out. Whether it's a hen do, stag do or work party, book into one of these London escape rooms for something a little different.

Last updated on 31st July 2018

2 events @ 2 venues with 100 upcoming dates from 31 Jul 2018 until 18 Sep 2018

You have one hour and up to six players to take on Lady Chastity's game. This escape room in London is based on the infamous lady who will keep your brain tingling with tricky challenges and brilliant brainteasers; complete it in time and you could win a bottle of fine wine.