Top 10 Pubs in London

Not only is the traditional British pub a hallmark of London life, bringing people of all backgrounds together under one roof. Over time, as London has changed so have some of its best pubs, and whilst many have swapped the fruity for froie gras on toast there's no comfort quite like a cool glass in your favourite boozer. Whatever your mood, you'll love working your way through this recommended list of the top 10 pubs in London thanks to their chipper mix of the modern with the traditional.

Last updated on 2nd December 2022


Fine, you wanted it, you got it. Here's one of the most unique, individual and best pubs in London. You said you wanted it. While hailing way West in Acton, the Aeronaut is one of the coolest boozers in the city. From its spiegeltent and menagerie of circus shows, to on site brewed beer, and one of the most awe inspiring beer gardens in London, we dare you not to tread. 

BrewDog Bars In London

Boasting huge TV screens, a social atmosphere, juicy burgers and towering pint glasses of beer, BrewDog's many locations in London are ideal for watching all the big rugby matches. Head there during the months of February and March and you'll be set.

The Owl and Pussycat

When it comes to one of the best pubs in London, The Owl and Pussycat not only have a top, Shoreditch location on their side, their classic interiors, bare-brick walls and gastro menu promise some of the best afternoons in the business as you drink and scoff them away. 

The Spread Eagle

If we're going to bang on about some of the best pubs in London, it's only right that we add a vegan boozer into the mix. Pretty as a picture with a unique menu from Club Mexicana on their side, The Spread Eagle have contemporary and cool written all over them.