Best Clapham Pubs

Clapham, it's a gem in the heart of South London's drinking crown, and we're here to show you the best of it. Hosting a myriad of London's best pubs, Clapham knows no bounds when it comes to hearty boozers, traditional plots and craft beer hide-outs. Check out our recommendations for some of the best pubs in Clapham and get to know South of the river, pint in hand. 

The East Hill pub offers Wandsworth's weary locals a warm spot to relax and recalibrate in after a long week at work. Grab a pint of craft beer and sink into one of their softer-than-soft armchairs by the crackling fire. Armed by the freshest ingredients and the finest cuts of meat, the chefs at this homely pub have skillfully curated a menu of hearty British dishes. Perfectly seasoned steaks are plated up beside delicious salads and chips, while hearty sausages produced on Britain's finest farms are placed on top of a portion of light mash potatoes. 

It's probably easier to find something the Northcote doesn't do. A top drawer boozer serving a great selection of ales, ciders and wines as well as hearty fare in an abundance, it's pretty easy to see why such a lively crowd stop in. There's all sorts of entertainment going on too, with their raucous quiz nights worth checking it out and all the big sporting action broadcast live.

The Jam Tree Clapham

92 user reviews 3

A relaxing but social Clapham pub,The Jam Tree Clapham is a colourful delight for many a pint South of the river. With a secret room behind the bookcase available to hire out and with its own garden, this is the perfect pub for private parties or fun-time corporate events.

The Four Thieves

33 user reviews 4

When it comes to a quirky place to drink in Clapham, nothing quite cuts the mustard like this hardy boozer. Not only one of the best places to grab a craft pint South of the river, The Four Thieves come fully equipped with distillery, games room and beer garden.