Must Visit Places for Tourists in London

Right, we all know the famous places in London: Buckingham Palace, House of Parliament, London Eye blah blah blah. But the capital is way more than its landmarks, and by sticking to your usual must visit places for tourists in London, you're essentially missing out on all the character and fun this great city has to offer. So whether you're visiting the city or just never taken the opportunity to see what's in store for you, take a look out recommended list of the best places for tourist in London and find out what it's all about. 

Last updated on 18th June 2021

Thames Rockets

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Fancy seeing London like never before. Head to the Thames, where you'll be taken on an unforgettable experience aboard a speedy Rocket. Expect live music, cocktails under Tower Bridge and famous sights like the London Eye, St Paul's and Canary Wharf.

The London Cabaret Club

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Delve in the culture and history of London while experience a luxury show at the London Cabaret Club. A great opportunity to experience culture in London, they perform a variety of shows, ranging from spy thrillers to a celebration of British pop, and while you're there you can enjoy an evening of delicious British food.


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When we say the Nightjar is one of the best bars in London, we aren't joking. You can have cocktails created by some of the finest mixologists in the country, all while sitting in a beautiful 1920s underground bar. Candlelit tables, a plethora of live music, and the best cocktails you'll taste: how's that for a must visit place for tourists in London?

Take in the most iconic landmarks London has to offer at this fun and educational walking (or dancing) tour. You'll get to explore and learn while listening to your favourite hits from the 70's all the way up to present day, with the occasional flash mob thrown in for good measure. Is there any better way to take in a city than to dance through it? 

The Escapologist

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The Escapologist is steeped in a very special, fun kind of history. Modelled as a modern day Victorian men's club and Masonic lodge, the fun yet elegant venue has a story behind it: legend has it that vagabond Baron Von Took fled execution through these very tunnels. You can stop by for a cocktail, grab some of their delicious gastro food and enjoy this quirky London bar.


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The capital has one of the best skylines in the world, so the only appropriate course of action to take is find the best place to see it. A great place to visit if you're a tourist in London, the Aviary not only delivers on an elegant bar, botanical cocktails and delicious food, they've got a 6000 sq ft rooftop to enjoy it all on. And even if the weather is behaving as it does, they've got heaters outside, so you can enjoy alfresco dining and beautiful sites no matter the time of year.

  Paranormal Activity Tour

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@ Infront of Newspaper Stand Outside Farringdon Station on Friday 13th August 2021 and 31 other Fridays

Why spend all your time in the city with the living when you could see what the dead are up to? The Paranormal Activity Tour takes you on a hunt for the ghosts, poltergeists and strange encounters that plague the city streets, including the largest execution site, the mountains of dead bodies that commuters walk across daily and the abandoned goal cells that have hosted the world's worst serial killer. This is definitely for those looking for something different to do in London.

@ Brewery & Visitor Center on Various dates from Thursday 5th August 2021

If you're a lover of craft brews and want to get a look behind the scenes at how the good stuff gets made, Meantime Brewing Company have got just the thing for you. Not only are they offering you a fun thing to do in London, but they're also positioned in Greenwich, perfect for some post-tour sightseeing.

Not your average tourist trap, this gourmand bus is serving up iconic views and sumptuous spreads. From dinner to lunch and even afternoon tea, Bustronome values your culinary experience just as much as your tour of London, so you're in for a treat.

See Your City

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This interactive Harry Potter tour will not only take you through various filming locations – everywhere from Diagon Alley to Platform 9 ¾ - but you'll take part in a fun Harry Potter quiz to find out who is the biggest Potterhead. There's also loads of other themed tours for you to enjoy!