The Quirky Virtual Workouts For People Who Hate Exercising

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

Picture this: you’re in a darkened room, someone is shouting aggressively at you through a glaring screen  - they’re telling you to do things like crunch and burpee and Russian Twist. You’re sweating profusely and your chest feels tight. No, you haven’t just stepped into Netflix’s latest Nordic noir series, it’s much worse than that… you’re doing a Joe Wicks HIIT.  Luckily, workouts don’t have to be all about over-enthusiastic shouting and scary-looking body contortions. From circus skills and hula-hooping classes to disco yoga, we’ve created a guide to the very best quirky virtual workouts that are so much fun you'll forget about the sweat altogether.


Disco Yoga Goes Zoom

Downward dog like you’ve never downward dogged before as Disco Yoga goes digital for the first time ever. Adding a sprinkle of glitter and a whole lotta shimmying to the traditional practice of yoga, this quirky class is set to a soundtrack of the funkiest beats in the biz. Stretch it out as your instructor takes you through a series of moves via Zoom, with DJ Darlo providing the background tunes throughout. You’ll even be invited to pour yourself a cocktail and continue the party with your fellow yogis once the class is over. That’s our kind of workout.

Online yoga

This online yoga class is inviting you to grab life by the (disco) balls

Hula Fit

That faded hula hoop that’s laid untouched at the back of the shed for the last decade? It’s time to dig it out. Hula Fit is bringing hip swinging into the mainstream with their quirky virtual workouts. Focussing on all things core, this dizzying hour-long class is tougher than it looks, but set to a backdrop of the latest chart hits, the time flies past. All sorts of clever science people have done all sorts of clever science, and it also turns out that hula hooping can be really bloody good for you - toning you up, improving your strength and even bettering your coordination skills. Plus, it makes for some cracking Boomerang content.

Hula Hoop fitness

One hour of non-stop hip gyration is no joke.

Drag Aerobics

Get ready to sashay your way through this aerobics class with a difference. Harking back to the glory days of neon lycra and Mr Motivator-style moves, this online exercise class will be led by the iconic Dolly Trolley. Set to a backdrop of disco lights and glitter, you can expect to werk to a soundtrack of the biggest divas of all time, from Queen Bey to Britney and Whitney. Available to stream live on Facebook and Instagram, all you need to take part is a fierce AF attitude and a photo-ready pout for that post-class selfie.

Drag Queen Workout

Full glam for a 9am workout? You bet hunny.

Online Burlesque Workshops

Ever wanted to shake it like they do at the Moulin Rouge? This unique virtual workshop is giving you the chance to do just that. Suitable for all ages and abilities, Pandora’s Door burlesque class is led by some of the world’s top performers - teaching you all the tricks of the trade, and how to nail that certain je ne sais quoi. Available to complete at a time that suits you, you can opt for either a one-hour taster session or full-blown week-long course. Better yet, you can kill even more of those lockdown hours with an arts and crafts session creating your very own pasties (for clarification - the glittery nipple-covering ones rather than the delicious Cornish delicacy). 

online fitness classes

Dita Von Teese your way around the living room this weekend.

MMA Fitness Challenge

Online boxercise, and then some, this virtual workout will see you training with a former British Knock-Down champion. You'll fight the MMA way, punching, ducking, diving and kicking your way to your very own endorphin high. The perfect way to exert some of that work from home stress, each class lasts 40 minutes and takes place during your lunch hour, leaving you in a better frame of mind for your 576th Zoom call of the day... and breathe.

Online fitness class

Reckon you could be the next karate kid? This online exercise class is putting your fighting skills to the test.

The Circus House Virtual Classes

Originally based in Manchester, The Circus House has gone digital in recent times, bringing its lessons on all things spectacular (from juggling to tightrope walking) to the masses. Keen clowns-to-be can either stream videos from the school’s social channels, or pay £20 a month for a full virtual subscription - giving you access to hundreds of classes via The Circus House website. You don’t have to worry about having all the gear either - the instructors are more than happy to improvise with anything from socks and scarves to pieces of fruit. 

Circus House

Dreaming of running away to join the circus? This class will bring you one step closer.

Virtual VOGA

Combining dance and yoga, VOGA is the new fitness trend that's promising a serious endorphin high. Set to a soundtrack of 80s hits, this 45-minute Zoom yoga class will see you shaking and shimmying whilst stretching out. Better yet? Every ticket admits two, so you can bring a pal along for the ride (and colour-coordinate your outfits, obviously).

If Madonna did yoga? We reckon it would look a little like this. 

Face Pack Yoga

Mixing health and beauty into one relaxing package, this unique online fitness class is kicking is bringing you the ultimate self-care Saturday. Join the team for a fun, interactive session where you'll start by learning how to make your very own all-natural face packs before enjoying an hour of revitalising yin yoga. And to round out the evening? A spot of candlelight meditation to help you really wind down.

Face Pack Yoga Quirky Online Fitness Class


This quirky online workout will keep you young with yoga and skincare.

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