The last few years have seen an explosion in smokehouses, barbecue joints and steak restaurants across the UK. For some unknown reason, every restaurant kitchen seems to be fitted with a smoker now, and only the freshest cuts of locally sourced meat will do. But you won't hear us complaining; we can't get enough. With rumbling stomachs, sauce-stained smiles and having gone through crazy numbers of wet-wipes, we've done our arduous research and compiled a list of 6 great restaurants for meat eaters in London.

Forge, City of London

Situated on Cornhill just a short stroll from Bank, Forge is a great spot created with London's carnivores in mind. While most meat-mad eateries usually seep rustic vibes, this East London venue instead marries copious amounts of carefully seasoned meat with a suave, elegant setting. Crucially, their chefs have started looking beyond the horizon, experimenting with new spices and quirky techniques, and subsequently offer dishes like their Coca-Cola marinaded pork ribs. But don't worry, there's still plenty of spitroasted chicken, tender steaks and fiery wings to tuck into.

Forge, steak, meat eaters, London

Their chefs certainly know how to look after tender cuts of meat.

Joe's Southern Table & Bar, Covent Garden

Washing their Covent Garden venue with heat and thrilling spice, Joe's Southern Table and Bar takes all the wonderful flavours and culinary traditions of the American South and channels it towards the city's hungry crowds. Think buttermilk fried chicken burgers slathered with hot slaw and eye-watering sauce. And of course, the bar definitely doesn't lack Southern spirit. Bourbons aplenty and all the Rye-based products you could want, sink into a tall glass of anything at this characterful spot.  

Joe's Southern Table and bar, Covent garden, barbecue

From beer can chicken to melt-in-the-mouth wings, food-induced coma are a certainty at Joe's Southern Table & Bar.

Mac & Wild, Fitzrovia

Fresh from the highlands of Scotland to your dark mahogany dining table, the team at Mac & Wild deal only in the finest cuts of Scottish beef and game. Things are so authentic here that the venue even boasts about being able to trace the journey of each cuts, even identifying the person that pulled the trigger. With a family farm just North of Inverness and serving various venison, steak and roast dishes, the team certainly don't do things in half measures here.

Mac & Wild, Fitzrovia, Scottish game

Expect the best cuts of Scottish game, seasoned, seared and cooked to perfection at Mac & Wild.

Hawksmoor, Spitalfields

Steaks are the name of the game at the Hawksmoor, and in all honestly, their chefs get as close to perfection as humanly possible. As you'd expect, the venue is opulent and suave, but more importantly, its the list of steaks that really steals the show. Bringing each cut to life, the diverse selection of accompanying plates will leave you struggling to pick just one. For a truly wonderful experience, share a Chateaubriand between friends and lose yourself in an assortment of sides and sauces. For a slightly more casual experience, you can always unwind with a cocktail and plate of nibbles at their elegant bar downstairs.

Hawksmoor, SpitalfieldsFrom mac 'n' cheese to sautéed garlic mushrooms, the Hawksmoor has a side to match every mood.

One Sixty, City of London

Slow cooking all its meats at a cosy 160 degrees, One Sixty offers London's financial workers a sanctuary to unwind and fill up in. Every dish is slow-cooked in the most delicate manner, allowing for a melt-in-the-mouth sensation like no other. The restaurant is the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef David Moore, whose extensive travels across North America has honed his palate and widened his gazes to a huge selection of vibrant seasonings. And of course, we can't ignore the amazing craft beers on tap.

One Sixty, Liverpool Street, beef

The delicate manner each dish is cooked makes for perfectly flavoured, succulent mouthfuls of bliss.

Meat People, Angel

Since opening it's doors, the team at Meat People in Angel have dominated food circles with their menu of vegetarian-repelling dishes. And to be perfectly honest, the secret of their success is not difficult to see; freshly produced, locally sourced ingredients. Using the finest meats produced on farms in both Uruguay and the south of England, they've complied a delectable menu of hearty dishes and flavoursome sides that perfectly accompany each cut. 

meat people, angel, steaks, meat

The Kangaroo steak eagerly awaits adventurous diners, served with long-stem broccoli and a raspberry vinaigrette.