May: it marks 30 odd days of lighter jackets, boozy garden glugging and the rubbing of cash by hayfever tablet manufacturers, but what else does this month have to offer London? From vampire romps and immersive theatre, to retro club nights and the inhaling of alcohol through your pores, check out our roaring pick of the best quirky events come to a London near you this May.....

Sunday Buffy Sunday at The Macbeth

Sunday 15th May

Having subjected my boyfriend to morning after morning of breakfast Buffy episodes and owing my general life's outlook to the slayer ("you can't do that, it's wrong"), I am other planet peppy about this upcoming event in May. Giving grave gobblers and Sunnydale suckers the event they deserve, the Macbeth is set to host a Buffy themed quiz with drinking games, episodes, Bloody Punch and fingers crossed, my chance to seduce Spike. 

buffy quiz in london macbeth

If you know Buffy like the back of your own hand, and the person's hand next to you, then this is the pub quiz for you.

Musical Bingo: Under The Sea

Thursday 26th May

Musical Bingo know nothing of bingo hall days gone by, they're too busy spraying you with whipped cream, inducing on stage games and having a generally rowdy time. Ready to 'samba with sea lions' this coming May, their Under The Sea edition is set to lead guests on a deep sea expedition to the gnarliest depths of bingo. Remember to snag your ticket here ya clam. 

musical bingo under the sea tickets

Tuck into one of the most unique bingo events this May in London. 

Secret Cinema: 28 Days Later

Various Dates Across May

Let's be honest, Secret Cinema have likely had all the press they need as of now, the Twitter airwaves are rife with them, but considering i'm going and considering it's likely going to be a potential pants pisser, they've more than made the quirky grade. Hosting Danny Boyle's rampant rage thriller 28 Days Later this May in London, Secret Cinema are going all out gore and get-ya jumps in this apocalyptic immersive movie event.

secret cinema events london

Secret Cinema are set to send London's clean pants bill through the roof this May in the city. 

Alcoholic Architecture

Various Dates in May

While the last time I almost inhaled alcohol through my pores was a run-in with an overzealous can of fizzed up beer in the kitchen, Bombas & Parr are doing the science part good and proper this month. One of the most unique ways to drink alcohol in London this May, enter a room of mist and inhale the cocktail cloud at an ancient London monastery. Yes, it's actually a thing. 

london alcohol pop up may quirky event

Alcoholic Architecture puts drinking reason to the wayside this May in London with a unique cocktail experience.

White Mink: Electro Swing Speakeasy

Friday 6th May

Fancy a dabble in prohibition inspired delights this May in London? Taking over the glamour and the grandeur of Clapham's Grand this month, White Mink throw their silk gloves to the floor in the name of all things electro swing with live bands, world-class performers, fancy dress guests, gnarly vintage visuals and more. Get involved by buying your ticket right here.

white mink speakeasy tickets london

Throw modernity to the wayside this May in London with one of the best vintage events on the city roster.