Where To Play Beer Pong in London

The ultimate drinking game, beer pong is something of a red and white stripes tradition. A favourite among American college students, the rowdy drinking game has taken over sports bars, student nights and whole venues dedicated to the rowdy London trend. Oh yes, there are places where you can play beer pong all over town, so bats away and ping pong balls at the ready... it's time to show what tough table stuff you're made of. 

If not beer pong? Why not try a little ping pong in London.

The Bat And Ball

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The Bat and Ball in Stratford has quickly established itself as one of London's best late night venues. Armed with over 15 ping pong tables and a bar stocked with all your favourite booze, the kitchen serves giant pizzas and an array of grilled meats. Better still, if you book an area for the night, the venue's games gurus will happily test out your beer pong skills. 

Lan Kwai Fong

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One of the most fun Asian restaurants in London, Lan Kwai Fung is serving up dishes from China, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan, alongside a serious selection drinks. And the cherry on top? They've got 3 state-of-the-art digital beer pong tables for you to enjoy.