Vintage Themed Bars in London

There are an abundance of excellent vintage bars to explore across London, each offering guests the chance to step back in time and revel in the delights of our predecessors. The only problem is, these places can sometimes be so detached from the hustle and bustle of the contemporary world that they completely slip under the radar. Here's our guide to the very best old-school bars in London, crammed full of the most charismatic hideouts the city has to offer.

Last updated on 27th June 2018

68 and Boston

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Showcasing colonial stylings and décor that fits a 70s kind of outfit (but with a bit more suave), 68 and Boston is the perfect image of vintage inspired drinking in London nestled in the heart of Soho. Split over two floors there's a dedicated wine bar fit for intimate drinks and date night vibes or a plush cocktail bar upstairs where the cocktails do the talking.  

Smith's Cocktail Bar

51 user reviews 4

Luxe, indulgent and classic, and that's just the cocktails. If you're looking for a vintage bar in London that will tease with charming interiors and dated furniture then look no further than this Hammersmith gem. Decked in finery and toting cocktails remember, Smiths makes for the perfect night out.

The Last Tuesday Society

45 user reviews 5

The Last Tuesday Society doesn't endorse the twee kind of vintage; you'll find no gingham here. Instead, it has cluttered all its nooks and crannies with bizarre, intriguing and strangely beautiful historic objects. Amazing finds are ready for perusal, including the glorious basement bar. Enjoy a cocktail menu of the highest opulence, favouring intense flavours and heady mixes. 

If you're looking for a truly unique cocktail list against the backdrop of a vintage bar in London, the Looking Glass Cocktail Club is the place for you. Standard social conventions go out the window here, with vintage travel trunks acting as makeshift tables and guests sipping their cocktails out of tea-cups. Fans of the weird and wonderful come into their element once they step through the Looking Glass, so ensure you experience this transfixing vintage bar for yourself.

Ruby's Bar and Lounge

12 user reviews 4

Ruby's in Dalston has got the art of infusing a traditional atmosphere with modern-day standards of quality down to an absolute tee. DesignMyNight's Best New Bar of 2012 serves up its signature cocktails in authentic milk bottles from the 1940s, whilst the Passion Fruit Bison Vodka Juleps come to you in tin cups. Don't miss out on experiencing this charismatic and endearing speakeasy bar!


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Everything about the Chelsea Prayer Room on Fulham Road is shrouded in secrecy, but this hidden gem just upstairs from the Goat restaurant is a stylish speakeasy venue that oozes an authentic vintage charm. All lighting and furniture for this 30-capacity venue was sourced from markets and vintage sellers to contribute to the already slick atmosphere and unbranded bottles create an heir of mystery for the curious drinker.

The Luggage Room

1 user review 5

Killer liquors, timeless style and classic decor characterise your debut drinks at The Luggage Room. One of London's best kept secrets and always under wraps to keep its intimate, low profile, The Luggage Room promises vintage inspired drinks in London from some of the city's top mixologists for a truly unique experience. 

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Famous across London and New York, Little Nan's Bar is a well-known pop-up retro bar that sets up shop in some of the most unusual spots in town. Famous for its cocktails in novelty teapots and offering of vodka-infused candy shots, the famous bar will bring its collection of old antiques and vintage furniture to an unusual spot near you.

Simmons Soho

114 user reviews 4

Simmons Soho has got to be the quintessential 'vintage-inspired bar in London'. Step inside to find a space donning garish wallpaper, a super nintendo, and a bar that serves up cocktails in bric-a-brac-esque teapots. But this quirky cocktail spot boasts a modern heart - expect a buzzing late night atmosphere as crowds of partygoers intermingle and dance into the early morn. 

For an authentic insight into the mechanics of a 19th Century gin-palace in London, look no further than the Worship Street Whistling Shop in Shoreditch. Sip on one of their many distinctive cocktails whilst you take in the Victorian ambience - waiters come decked out in full Dickensian dress, whilst Victoria and Albert portraits adorn the menu. A hang-out especially tailored to the taste of gin-lovers, be sure to check out the Dram Shop private area with a library of sumptuous gins to choose from.

The Arts Theatre Club

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Fine china and the elegance of the early 20th century are what make Soho's Arts Theatre Club the grand romantic gesture amongst vintage-inspired bars in London. Woo your darling easily at this members-only speakeasy-- as its solid drinks, private seating, and steady stream of classic songs set the perfect scene for any lovely, intimate night out.

Inspired by the 19th Century Manor House libraries, the Punch Room is like a time capsule of vintage-inspired drinking in London. A place fitted with oak panels, velvet furnishings and leather finishes that plays ragtime music, timeless soul and Doo-wop classics is what you'll find at the back of the London Edition hotel. 

The Escapologist

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Styled on the exploits of the infamous Baron - a man known for his illicit and scandalous activity - The Escapologist is a themed basement bar based at the HQ of the secret society that ran Victorian London. Expect a fun yet refined cocktail list and cheese-drenched pizzas served up in a beautifully designed space, with bottle service and guests very own secret lockers adding some extra intrigue.