Best Bars For Beer Junkies

When it comes to a night out in London it goes without saying that you are spoilt for choice no matter what you're looking for, whether it's cocktails at one of the world's best lounge bars or a burlesque show in Soho, London is your oyster. But in the beginning London was built on one thing, imperialism... OK two things, imperialism and beer. Most importantly beer. So let this list be a homage to that great London staple with a few unexpected twists that we've come to expect from a pint in London, because at the end of a long day we're all beer junkies at heart.

Last updated on 11th December 2018

Powder Keg Diplomacy

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In a truly colonial environment you'll be treated to more than just beer at the Powder Keg Diplomacy in Clapham. Imagine this was a Marks & Spencer's advert aimed at you the discerning beer junkies of London and you'll get the idea. Offering carefully selected crafts and unbeatable accompaniments in the rich surroundings of plush furniture. The Powder Keg Diplomacy also serves world beating dishes making it sirs choice for a beer junky's bar in London.

Brewhouse comes equipped with its own micro-brewery, but they don't stop there. Teaming their home-brewed pints with a varied selection of beers from around the world, this is right up there with the best pubs in Islington. There's a relaxed atmosphere and a fine spread of pub grub to consider while you're here.

Both brewing their own creations and offering the best produce of London's most iconic breweries, the Temple Brew House has firmly established itself as a leading figure in London's craft beer circles. Coupling the great pints with delicious comfort food dishes, the venue offers a serene spot to unwind in and promises to cater for whatever mood you might find yourself in. 

The Globe Marylebone

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Monday (7pm-11pm) Gin & Tonic Perfect Serve £7 all doubles Selected gins and 4 other offers

Beer junkies in London will like The Globe. Having stood on this ground for over 170 years, this old pub has an exciting range of beers, from cask to keg and bottles. All the better to wash the food from their kitchen.

The Old Brewery

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Speaking of pubs with their own brewery, how about a pub that's built inside one? Yes beer junkies The Old Brewery bar in Greenwich will definitely have the goods to get you hooked with an amazing setting to match. Situated right by the river on the grounds of the Old Naval College, The Old Brewery is home to one of London's favourite beers, Meantime. You can book yourself a table or even take a tour of the brewery, it'll probably be the most inspiring pint you have. 


Lowlander Grand Cafe is designed in the style of a traditional European cafe leaning towards those big beer junky nations The Nederlands and Belgium. For a great beer junky bar in London Lowlander Grand is great for its central location (Covent Garden) and the impressive selection of world beers on offer. You'll have so many different styles and flavours to choose from that it's best you order a tasting tray when you visit.

The Duke of Wellington

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To achieve excellence in craft beers you'll want to visit the Duke Of Wellington in Dalston. The ideal bar for beer junkies in London, the Duke of Wellington is the only middle man between you and your brewer. They serve a whole range of world beers and local ales brewed within the vicinity of this trendy Dalston boozer. Why not book yourself a table and grab a few tasters for yourself?

The Rake

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Word of warning beer junkies, do not walk into The Rake bar near London Bridge and order economy export lager (for arguments sake lets call it Farlsberg), you will be marched out with little of your dignity in tact. Joking obviously, the bar staff at The Rake pub are actually some of the friendliest you'll meet this side of Disneyland, happy to help you choose from the 160 odd beers available and even let you try a few.


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If you're looking for somewhere with a bit more modern style whilst you get your beer junky fix then head down to Zerodegrees in Blackheath.  This pristine bar & restaurant is perched delicately on the edge of the charming Blackheath Common in South East London. While your guests gorge on delicious Italian foods you can sample the delicious Zerodegrees brews made right on site in their own micro brewery. The perfect ruse right?

BrewDog Shoreditch

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You can't really class yourself as a true beer junky if you've not yet a Brewdog bar in London. This Scottish chain is slowly taking over London bringing it's impressive range of own craft ales and fun times with it. Brewdog Shoreditch offers beer tasting classes, to turn punters into pint connoisseurs but it's also perfect for just heading down to a trendy part of town and chilling with a couple of cold ones. 

The Cock Tavern

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This unassuming pub is just a stones throw from Hackney Central station and yes it is as cool as you'd expect it to be based on this. The Cock Tavern in a independent boozer perched on top of one of London's most spectacular microbreweries, you might say it's kind of a Mecca for beer junkies in London. The uber friendly chaps behind the bar are more than happy to talk you through your taps whilst you chill out with cool rock and roll tunes. 

Craft Beer Co Brixton

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For a state-side bar to suit beer junkies in London why not try the Craft Beer & Co pub in Brixton. This chain has been slowly sweeping across London, soaking up a legion of beer junkies who just can't get enough of this American beer craze. There's more taps in this pub than a Michael Flatley (Riverdance) show each showcasing the worlds best in craft ales and lagers to suit the taste of even the most discerning beer junky in London.