Non-Touristy Things To Do In London In 2023

There’s so much to do and see in the capital, so you really need to know what’s what before you take it on. If you want to avoid tourist traps in exchange for more non-touristy things to do in London, we've got you covered. There’s rooftops with views of famous landmarks, cool pubs with arcade games and if you're not afraid of water - floating restaurants. Buckle up and get booking, cause here's a local's guide to discovering things off the beaten track that aren't part of the usual London bucket list. 

Last updated on 12th October 2023

Midnight Apothecary

This stunning rooftop garden near the Thames was voted the most sustainable roof gardens in the world and we can't gatekeep it any longer. They garnish their cocktails with ingredients they grow themselves and they have a fire pit year-round where you can toast S'mores. Tickets are from as little at £8 too, so an absolute bargain. 

Sky Garden

Sky Garden is one of the biggest tourist attractions in London, so why is it in this list? Well, everyone knows about Sky Garden but they don't know about their cool events that include everything from yoga at sunrise to VIP music nights fuelled by Champagne. 

The Common Room: Wizarding Afternoon Tea

@ Cutter & Squidge on Various dates from Thursday 7th December 2023

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Valid on the following dates: 01/12/2023, 07/12/2023, 08/12/2023, 14/12/2023, 15/12/2023, 13/01/2024, 14/01/2024, 20/01/2024, 21/01/2024, 27/01/2024, 28/01/2024, 02/02/2024, 09/02/2024, 15/02/2024 and 23/02/2024.

Calling all Harry Potter buffs. If you're not satisfied with your trip to platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station or this list of Harry Potter experiences, add the Common Room to your bucket list. This mystical place in London promises afternoon tea with bottomless G&Ts and prosecco, dainty sandwiches and a sweetie station. 

Ballie Ballerson London

Did you know there's a world-famous bar in London? Ballie Ballerson is one-of-a-kind with a karaoke room, sweet-inspired cocktails and two ball pits fit for hours of fun. if you're after a day of being a big kid in the city, this is the ticket. 

Alcotraz: Prison Cocktail Bars

Love theatre but seen it all? Take a journey to Hoxton to find Alcotraz; London's BYOB prison-themed bar, where you'll be trusted with becoming part of the story line. You'll be expected to sneak a bottle of booze past the guards in an orange jump suit in pursuit of criminally good cocktails. 

Best Brewery Tours In London

When you think of London, do you think of beer? Thought so. If you're looking to do something a little bit different in the city, have a snoop at London's best brewery tours. You'll get history lessons, plenty of beer, complimentary cheese boards and in some cases, some free merch. 

Best Pop-Up Cinemas In London 2023

London's a busy place and sometimes you need to put your feet up after pounding the pavement. Hit two birds with one stone and kick back with some tickets to one of London's best pop-up cinemas. They have popcorn, they have drinks and if you but the right ticket, some slick views of city landmarks. 

Silent Sounds

Believe us when we say this is one boat ride you want to miss. Silent Sounds is one of the best ways to drink in the sights of London with a beverage in hand and three killer radio stations to tune into. They even lift Tower Bridge when you set sail towards Greenwich. 

Hidden Jazz Club

There's something to be said for finding a hidden gem. If you love jazz and a good night out, grab yourself some tickets to the Hidden Jazz Club. This artist-run pop-up has sets from some of the best in the biz and tickets start at just £20 a pop. 

10 Best Places To See The Sunset In London

Torrential downpour or glorious sunshine, London always takes our breath away. If you want to do something that's non-touristy, take a look at these grade A ways to catch the sun set across the city. Think steak dinners with Thames-side views to walks through London's most iconic postcodes.