Things To Do In Brighton This Weekend

We've been working our socks off all week and now it's finally here... THE WEEKEND. There's never any shortage of things to do in Brighton on the weekend, from parties in Tiki clubs through to pizza and vinyl pubs, a weekend in Brighton will make you forget any weekday-worries. Read our recommendations for what's on this weekend in Brighton and get ready to have a whole heap of fun.

Last updated on 6th June 2023

Alcotraz: Cell Block One-Three

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Brighton on Various dates from Thursday 8th June 2023

One of Brighton's quirkiest nights out - Alcotraz: Cell Block One Three will see you sipping on cocktails in your very own cell. This prison-themed immersive experience starts when you smuggle your spirit past the eagle-eyed warden and over to the team of hardened criminals (and expert mixologists). 

The Secret Comedy Club

A quirky comedy gig down at the Artista Cafe, The Secret Comedy Club goes pro on a Saturday with some of the fastest rising stars in the biz. With an early show and a late show to pick from, expect a line up of top tier acts ready to make you split a side or two.