Summer Events in Brighton

We're great all year round, but we're so much better when the sun is out in full force. From savvy street food events and carnival cavorting to raucous beachfront shindigs, Brighton is a hub of activity during the summer, we expect you can see it from out of space. Making this marvellous party season a little more easy to handle, we've compiled a collection of the finest going ons. Check out our recommendations for the very best events and parties this summer in Brighton and get a taste for a little seaside debauchery.

One of the best walking tours in Brighton, this unique trip around the city is about so much more than just seeing the sights. Led by the insatiable Guru Dudu you'll be dancing through the lanes to the most high energy soundtrack in town.

They may look like any ol' Brighton bar, but once the sun has got his hat on, this beachfront retreat truly comes alive. Host to carnival style shindigs and late night doozies the like, Ohso Social know how to throw one heck of a Summertime bash. And what with their plot to be found directly upon the pebbles, you'll hardly find a bar closer to the sunny sounds and Brighton waves