Live Music in Brighton

From underground dive jaunts and booming bass sounds to cracking seaside whips for live wonderment, Brighton is a cauldron of sound on any given day thanks to our penchant for live music and bands alike. If you have a hankering for the strum of an acoustic guitar while you sip on a cocktail, then check out our recommendations for some of the best live music venues in Brighton and discover a wealth of lavish live sounds and sweet underground bands on our seaside shores. 

Last updated on 22nd November 2019

@ Artista Cafe & Gallery on Thursday 23rd January 2020 and 10 other Thursdays

Artista are shining a light on the best and brightest of Brighton's up-and-coming talent with their new Live!Actually events. Located in Hove, the venue will be hosting a range of singers, songwriters and spoken word performers, showcasing the area's local talent.


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Cocktail Offer

Home to regular gigs and club nights, Patterns is one of the best live music venues in the Brighton. It also hosts a weekly night, Foundations, which showcases the best up-and-coming Brighton talent, from live acts to the hottest new producers, alongside taking part in local music festivals such as The Great Escape and Washed Out.

The Mesmerist

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241 Burgers

While this may be one of Brighton's most unique drinking plots, The Mesmerist is also one the town's most favoured spots for a little live music. From swing bands and jazz nights to a jostle with the samba and 1930s style crooning, expect an ever-changing roster of vintage acts and live music. 

The Black Lion

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Two for £12 Cocktails

Taking more to intimacy in a pub environment rather than hoards of screaming so and so's, The Black Lion boasts a chilled out evening of local live music, gypsy Jazz Sundays and the occasional open mic night for those of you that might just fancy taking to the mic yourselves.


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Ah, something for the more sumptuous of music lovers. You may not have a penchant for rowdy basement bars and guitars strewn across the stage, but how about some of the finest cocktails in Brighton and a smattering of sultry jazz? Host to a selection of live jazz and music every Thursday night, Bohemia slow things down a little for a night of mixology mastery and smooth sounds. 

Casablanca Jazz Club

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Party hearty schmoozing and jazz nights reign supreme in Brighton's Casablanca Jazz Club where glitzy lights and high heels are replaced with basement shindigs and dusty ceilings. Authentic in their nights and local in their musical names, Casablanca keeps music in a traditional light, boasting intimate atmospheres and a barrage of sound come sun down.