Live Music in Brighton

From underground dive jaunts and booming bass sounds to cracking seaside whips for live wonderment, Brighton is a cauldron of sound on any given day thanks to our penchant for live music and bands alike. If you have a hankering for the strum of an acoustic guitar while you sip on a cocktail, then check out our recommendations for some of the best live music venues in Brighton and discover a wealth of lavish live sounds and sweet underground bands on our seaside shores. 

Last updated on 29th October 2020

New Unity

24 user reviews 4

Located on London Road, New Unity is a vibrant watering hole with a love of all things sport and all things music. With live DJ sets every Friday and Saturday night, along with loads of pop up entertainment events, this place is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser when it comes to casual nights out in Brighton. 

Casablanca Jazz Club

2 user reviews 5

Party hearty schmoozing and jazz nights reign supreme in Brighton's Casablanca Jazz Club where glitzy lights and high heels are replaced with basement shindigs and dusty ceilings. Authentic in their nights and local in their musical names, Casablanca keeps music in a traditional light, boasting intimate atmospheres and a barrage of sound come sun down. 

Concorde 2

1 user review 4

Big names, big noise and big shows. If they're set to make it on the circuit, they're probably played a gig at this gem. Infamous for their converted Victorian interiors, globally renowned acts and some of the best bands in the business, Concorde 2 is a must for any live music fan.

Idle Hands

4 user reviews 5

Bringing the party every weekend, Brighton's Idle Hands puts on a great selection of live music nights, from local upstarts to their house band, The Jones Street Boys, who play every Thursday. Head down to the Queens Road pub for the chance to sample some excellent beers and some great tunes.


5 user reviews 5

Ah, something for the more sumptuous of music lovers. You may not have a penchant for rowdy basement bars and guitars strewn across the stage, but how about some of the finest cocktails in Brighton and a smattering of sultry jazz? Host to a selection of live jazz and music every Thursday night, Bohemia slow things down a little for a night of mixology mastery and smooth sounds. 

Fiddler's Elbow

20 user reviews 5

An Irish pub with boatloads of character, The Fiddler's Elbow is favourite among folk fans for its steady programme of live music and open mic nights. Alongside acts taking to the stage throughout the week, the venue also puts together a whole line up of talent for their iconic street parties.