New Bar Spy - The Cauldron

Meet The Wizard-Themed Bar In Brighton With An Immersive Potion-Making Cocktail Class

The Cauldron


Now Open

If you’re on the hunt for unique cocktail experiences in Brighton, we’re giving you the lowdown on somewhere downright magical. The Cauldron is a brand-spanking new wizard-themed bar and to say its spellbinding would be an understatement. With locations in London, Edinburgh and New York City, the venue is now making a splash to the city centre.

Decked out with broomsticks, crystal balls and fairy lights, the venue is a must-visit for Potterheads or those searching for quirky activities. When you book in its epic potion-making class, you’ll be transported to a fantasy world, complete with three theatrical concoctions. First things first, you’ll be given a wizard robe and a wand patented with technology. Perfect for practising your best expelliarmus.

Your first task? Casting a spell so you can nab your first cocktail from the mouth of a magical creature – we’re talking the likes of a kooky unicorn tap. Afterward, take a seat at your workstation, where you’ll get to pick two poisons to craft – each with special effects and properties.

For something bold, we recommend trying the Bubbling Shot of Death – it’s a lime green smoking sip or opt for The Dragon’s Breath, which is served in a fiery fashion. Both are equally an Instagram moment if you ask us. Not feeling the cocktail class? You can also choose from a selection of craft beer or grab a goblet of wine if you fancy sitting outside in its beer garden for a few tipples.

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