Dirty Blonde She's A Dirty, Dirty Blonde
75-79 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1NF
Splash the Cash £££

What they say:


Taking a wad of nearly £600,000 to the previously known Madame Geisha, Eclectic bars have unveiled plans for a whole new drinking chain under their party umbrella; Dirty Blonde. Set to be the first of its kind in the UK, Dirty Blonde will retain the slick air of other Eclectic bars, with a few fun added extras to boot. From a New York fusion style menu, serving up delightful dishes that take influence from immigrant cuisine, to a thirty strong cocktail offering that spans the age of Prohibition, this is an opening on The Lanes unlike all others.

What we say:

Well, they do say that blondes have all the fun. Whilst Madame Geisha has always retained a little portion of the Brighton party heart, we're chuffed to see that Eclectic have taken it upon themselves to transform this grandiose venue. We're massive fans of the Stateside theme, and their a unique offering will bring a welcome additional to the traditional NY-style menu, which just so happens to pair perfectly with the speakeasy style setting (did we mention - this one lingers behind a pawn brokers shop!) and the Prohibition inspired cocktail offering. Excited is an understatement.