Quirky Cocktails in Manchester

From master mixologists and scientific liquid fare to out-there flavours and far flung concoctions, Manchester's bars are coming up trumps when it come to off kilter tipples; be them in broody basement haunts or seductive speakeasy dens where tasty potions and elixirs reign supreme. Check out our recommendations for some of Manchester's best quirky cocktails, discovering a palate of fancies that you've never even heard of before.

Last updated on 11th January 2018

Dog Bowl

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Whilst many of the cocktails at Dog Bowl hark back, or shall we say bark back, to your favoured classics, there's a few cracking concoctions on the menu that might surprise. From some of the best boozy milkshake style cocktails in the city such as their 'Bourbon Cookie' to a quirky collection of cocktail sharers that come in anything and everything from miniature porcelain dogs to milk bottles, there's just enough quirky to keep you going at Dog Bowl. 


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Located in the Northern Quarter, Kosmonaut is a popular hangout with exposed brick walls, metal pipes and lots of industrial touches. While the interiors may be laid-back, the venue certainly doesn't slack on drinks with guests able to choose from their 'bold', 'serious' or 'fresh' options.