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Let's face it, there are plenty of things to do in London worth looking into. But such as life; there's a lot of rubbish too. So to help you on your quest to find the best of our city's nightlife, we've put together a curated guide of the best events in London coming up over the next few weeks. Tuck into secret supper-clubs, heady club nights, boozy brunches and everything in-between. 

If you're looking to plan for a little later down the line, or want a fuller picture of London's best events; use the search functionality on our What's On in London hub to filter down on the best of the rest.

Last updated on 21st November 2019

Laugh Train Home Events

213 user reviews 5

Having featured many a famous face, Laugh Train Home is one of the most popular ways to see comedy in London. The hilarious comedy night takes place in various London pubs and always puts on a good roster of comedians.

Candlelight Concerts

15 user reviews 4

Programme Handel – Concerto Grosso Alexander's FeastHandel – Air from the Water MusicBach – Air 'on the G string'Corelli – Christmas ConcertoHandel – Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 12Pachelbel – CanonVivaldi – Spring from...

Flight Club

436 user reviews 5

Didn't think brunch could get any more epic? Step up Flight Club in Bloomsbury in Shoreditch as they throw caution to the wind and pile on pizza and prosecco for a cracking daytime activity in London. The gamesbar will also be letting you try your hand at darts, it's all fun and games here.

  The Murdér Express

658 user reviews 5

@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Wednesday 29th January 2020

Save 15% on ticket Peak Week Evening 8.30pm with discount code MURDER15
Valid on the following dates: 10/01/2020, 15/01/2020, 16/01/2020, 17/01/2020, 22/01/2020, 23/01/2020, 24/01/2020, 29/01/2020, 30/01/2020, 31/01/2020, 02/02/2020, 05/02/2020, 06/02/2020, 07/02/2020, 09/02/2020, 12/02/2020, 13/02/2020, 14/02/2020, 16/02/2020, 19/02/2020, 20/02/2020, 21/02/2020, 23/02/2020, 26/02/2020, 27/02/2020 and 28/02/2020.
NEW SHOW THE MURDÉR EXPRESS: JEWEL OF THE EMPIRE LAUNCHES MAY 2019 CLICK HERE FOR JEWEL OF THE EMPIRE TICKET LINK ‘The Murdér Express’ will return in November 2019... Let us take you back to the early 20th century, when travelling by...

@ The Mind Palace on Various dates from Wednesday 29th January 2020

The Mind Palace is a private cocktail club for the curious. Join us for an immersive cocktail experience to die for. Solve the case. Find the ingredients. Succeed and drink to your success, fail and this mistake may be your last. Sebastian Moran,...

  The Magic Hour - Park Lane

217 user reviews 5

@ Sheraton Grand (5 star) on Various dates from Thursday 30th January 2020

Save 30% on ticket General Admission with discount code FLASH SALE - 10 TICKETS ONLY
Valid on the following dates: 23/01/2020 and 30/01/2020.
'One of the finest magicians I have ever seen' - Sir Roger Moore The Magic Hour is London's most exclusive close-up magic show - in the style of the Victorian Masters.Are you looking for an alternative night out in London? This is something really...

Blingo - Hip Hop Bingo

192 user reviews 5

Believe the hype - HIP HOP RnB BINGO An unforgettable, unique night out of bingo, beats and bling!  Book below for all Clapham shows. Click here for all Camden shows. Grandma Flash and the Blingo crew are heading to Clapham to do what they do best...

  Peckham Street Art Tour

25 user reviews 5

@ Meet at Brick Brewery Taproom, Blenheim Grove, London, SE15 4QL on Saturday 1st February 2020 and 3 other Saturdays

DISCOVER GREAT BEER WITH UK BREWERY TOURS Our Street Art tour in Peckham has been running since Summer 2015. Spend around 2 hours walking around the streets of East Dulwich and Peckham viewing some amazing pieces of street art from artists...

Disco Yoga

128 user reviews 5

Get geared up for the festive season with the most sparkly way to party or book now for a new year, new yoga habit for 2019! 'More fun than any sweaty club!' Heat Magazine 'Disco has never felt so zen!' Grazia  Our mission is to never take life,...

@ Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch on Various dates from Saturday 1st February 2020

What's the hype with Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch? Our Shoreditch venue may be the one you know best, but she’s had a major revamp. We’ve knocked down walls, made the ball pits 2.5x the size, added way more seating and given her a sleek new...

Hidden UNDERNEATH THE FOOTSTEPS OF Covent Garden LIES ALCOTRAZ: CELL BLOCK SIX-EIGHT, A SECRET BASEMENT HOME TO A COVERT SPEAKEASY PRISON. successfully smuggle liquor past the Warden and get it into the hands of the longest-serving inmates to...