Bars Showing The World Cup With Outdoor Space

Picture the scene; it's the height of mid-summer, England have just thrashed another unworthy opponent, and now you can step outside and enjoy a few drinks in the scorching sunshine. Okay so it might be a little optimistic, but we've put together a list of the best bars showing the World Cup with some much needed outdoor space in London.

The Dickens Inn

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The Dickens Inn is one of the most beautiful pubs you'll visit, thanks to its beautiful outside space with views of St Katherine Docks. And inside it's equally as charming, with a traditional interior with antique furniture, a selection of well-kept ales on the bar, and five large flat-screens TVs to catch the games.


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Make it Boozy

Watching the World Cup in London is all well and good, but after you see the fantastic sight of England scoring a goal, you'll want other views to accompany it. Meet Lockhouse, a cool industrial bar that not only serves up award-winning burgers, craft beers, and TVs to catch all the action, you've got views of the Grand Union Canal to boot.

The Three Compasses

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4 shots for £10! (tequila, sambuca, jager) and 1 other offer

This cosy East London boozer has its traditional charm and fun party atmosphere at the same time. A favourite for watching the sport, there's GoneBurger food in the kitchen to keep your belly happy, and as a bar showing the World Cup in London with outdoor space, its alfresco area is normally a hit too.

The Cow - Geronimo Inns

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The Cow already has that football atmosphere going for it, thanks to being located just opposite the Olympic Park and so close to West Ham's stadium. But add in a wonderful array of food, beer, and wine, as well as a compact but comfortable outside space to escape out into, and you've got a good time.