Top 10 Places for Buffalo Wings in London

Ever in the mood for greasy chickeny goodness that doesn't come in a bucket? Ever stuck for new and exciting places to eat the meaty American cuisine that we know and love? Well, it's time to ditch the fast food joints and the kebab shops and whack out those long lost knives and forks. Who says buffalo wings can't be classy? Check out this list for the best chicken wings served in the spiciest sauces, the tastiest of herbs and with the tenderest of meats. 

Last updated on 14th November 2018

Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

41 user reviews 4

£5 cocktails and 1 other offer

These peppy buffalo wings are served with vegetable sticks and a blue cheese dip so add some flare to your usual greasy chicken and combine new flavours. Cutesy wooden booths and colourful stripes along the table tops bring an extra fun flourish to your meal. Take your friends and stay for some drinks, some dancing and a great all-round night.

The Jam Tree Chelsea

33 user reviews 4

Bottomless Brunch and 3 other offers

Famous for the King of the Wing challenge, these buffalo goodies are as spicy as they come, with previous prizes reaching as high as a £500 bar tab. Not for the faint of heart, these wings will set your tongue alight and your eyes watering. The venue takes a funky paint brush to the usual diner interior to create a trendy, modern space, including an outdoor terrace where you can watch the sunset as your chicken digests.

Salvador & Amanda

736 user reviews 4

Your wings are all sophisticated at this Tapas joint so why not mix it up a bit? Don't have the usual greasy wings in BBQ sauce, get these babies roasted in lemon and chili for a flavour that will do things to your palate. In the buzzing heart of Covent Garden and serving gorgeous alcoholic concoctions, there's no reason to miss out.

@ Aldgate East Tube Station on Sunday 30th December 2018 and 7 other Sundays

There's nothing quite like a lip-smacking wing and London knows it. That's why this tour is offering to take you to some of the city's best spots, where chicken reigns supreme. Expect two and a half hours of tasty treats, taking you through four fantastic fried food eateries.

These wings are sticky with BBQ sauce, just how we like them. Served in charming silver dishes with American flag napkins, you can visit the tasty lands of the US without ever boarding an aircraft. With lightbulbs covering the ceiling and dangling low overhead, and quirky decor throughout, you'll get a kick out of this fun venue.

Goose Fulham

3 user reviews 4

Get your wings smothered in BBQ sauce or dabbled with Frank's Redhot Cayenne pepper sauce for that added pep to your meaty meal. If you're in the mood for more than just buffalo wings, get the Great BBQ Combo Plank for just £12.45 and taste pork ribs, Cumberland sausages, southern fried chicken and pulled pork on chips along with your tender chicken.

Belushis Camden

115 user reviews 4

Christmas 3 Course Feast and 5 other offers

With a selection of sauces and a whole section of the menu dedicated to buffalo chicken wings, you know your food is in good hands. With delights such as Suicide Sauce, which is apparently 'hotter than your girlfriend's sister', you are warned. Expect a taste sensation and a taste you'll love - that is, if you can handle it.

Blues Kitchen Brixton

7 user reviews 4

Home of Texan BBQ and bourbon cocktails, the Blues Kitchen plate up their famous spicy buffalo wings with a generous coating of blue cheese dip. Lock your lips around these meaty treats and don't forget to wash them down with a couple of cocktails; The Clover Club and The Hurricane are a match made in heaven.

Absurd Bird Spitalfields

489 user reviews 4

Happy Hour and 3 other offers

Buffalo wings, they're one of the best ways to enjoy chicken in London, so why not head to a restaurant that boasts the best in poultry bites. Heralded for their affiliation with chicken, head on down for a stunning selection of buffalo wings and sauces in a casual setting.