Restaurants In Brixton

Brixton is a destination that never stops, from its high street to its market, so how do get to the nitty gritty of its dining scene? Here of course. From romantic pizzas spots just shy of the main road, to cheap eats near Electric Avenue, we've found the best restaurants in Brixton, so why not check them out below?

Last updated on 24th March 2023

Crown & Anchor Brixton

Just a few minutes away from Brixton, Crown & Anchor really know their stuff when it comes to scrumptious food. Settle into their cosy interiors and get ready for the most satisfying Sunday roast, tasty tacos and mouthwatering burgers.

Cheese + Fizz Brixton

The first Champagne bar in Brixton, this charming spot serves up the finest French sips known to the world paired with excellent food. A huge range of cheese dominates the menu, but there are other delicacies such as tempura frogs legs, snail and cherry tomato salad, Oeuf Cocotte with pear and blue cheese or fois gras plus a brilliant range of tarts.