Restaurants in Brixton

Brixton is a destination that never stops, from its high street to its market, so how do get to the nitty gritty of its dining scene? Here of course. From romantic pizzas spots just shy of the main road, to cheap eats near Electric Avenue, we've found the best restaurants in Brixton, so why not check them out below?

Beast of Brixton

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If you're after an amazing roast in Brixton, then the Beast of Brixton is a literal hidden gem. Home to bottomless brunches and legendary Sunday roasts, they also have a menu packed with street-food inspired treats. Tacos, sandwiches, burgers and small plates will keep you full, and to wash it down they have a wonderful list of cocktails and beer.


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Headed up by Masterchef winner Tim Anderson, Nanban boasts a truly global menu in a colourful and casual setting. Fusing Japanese cuisine with the cultural melting pot that characterises the area, it's one of the best restaurants in Brixton.

The Courtesan

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A dim sum favourite in Brixton, that upon entering, leaves you feeling you have stumbled across and old-school Chinese opium den always makes an interesting dining experience. The menu gives hungry clientele a fantastic selection of bite sized Dim Sum, while regular burlesque events keep the the night alive.

Three Little Birds Brixton

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From avocado bon bons and fried okra to jerk chicken burgers and curry goat, this Brixton restaurant is serving Jamaican food at its best. Head to Three Little Birds where you'll find all that and a dedicated cocktail menu to wash it all down.

The first champagne bar in Brixton, Champagne + Fromage not only can you enjoy some of the finest French Champagne known to the world, but also tuck into some excellent food. A huge range of cheese dominates the menu, but there are other delicacies such as the tempura frogs legs, snail and cherry tomato salad, Oeuf Cocotte with pear and blue cheese or fois gras and a brilliant range of tarts.