Stoke Newington Clubs

Stoke Newington is a trendy and happening area, filled with pubs, bars and more importantly, some top clubs. With the impressive strip of clubs on Stoke Newington Road and the surrounding area, there's a lot to choose from, so you're pretty spoilt for choice. From cocktail-led venues, basement bars and impressive dance floors, there's an eclectic range of clubs in this trendy nightlife haven so check out our recommended Stoke Newington clubs and start planning your next night out!

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

The Moustache Bar

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A rather nondescript location, The Moustache Bar's only giveaway is only a small moustache sign outside its doors. Once inside you'll find a small room whose space makes up for intimacy. With great drink prices, incredible atmosphere and exuberant feel, The Moustache Bar always boasts great music and with its free entry policy, there is even more of an incentive to visit. 

The Waiting Room

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Located beneath The Three Crowns pub, The Waiting Room is a great venue that features some of the most innovative and forward thinking acts out there. Also hosting a number of events celebrating everything retro, it's a dynamic and versatile venue that always has something going on, but more importantly something worth seeing.

Dalston Social

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One of the most acclaimed venues in the area, Dalston Social is a favourite amongst the cool kids and those in the know. With diverse nights, great prices, and a cool and vibrant atmosphere, once the sun goes down expect a mass exodus towards the dance floor, a tempting offer that you definitely won't refuse.

Bar A Bar

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While it may not compete in terms of glamour, Bar A Bar makes up for it with a cracking music policy. Regularly featuring some of the most innovative producers and DJs out there, they boast a Funktion 1 sound system that's sure to impress any party goers. While it can only house 250 people, the crowd's energy and vibrancy make it a special place nonetheless.  

The Question Mark Bar

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Located in the heart of Stoke Newington is The Question Mark Bar, a cool and trendy club that regularly attracts big crowds every weekend. A unique interior decor, expect urban art, low ceilings and inviting sofas that can all be enjoyed to the sound of house and techno blaring from the speakers. Also boasting a rooftop terrace which serves as a great break from the dance floor, it has got all the ingredients to provide a great night out.