Sherlock Holmes' Favourite London Bars

Ever wanted to know where Sherlock Holmes would drink in London? Well here it is. When he's not duelling with Professor Moriarty, solving cases or just being generally awesome, he likes to sit down and go for a few strong drinks. Whether you're looking for that Victorian vibe or something new and trendy, this list will provide all you need to know. Read on to find out Sherlock Holmes' favourite bars in London. 


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Hidden away in the heart Chinatown, before you even think of what to drink, you're going to have to find Opium first. Search for an undistinguished green door, ring the buzzer and walk upstairs. What welcomes you is an Oriental themed bar with a modern and trendy decor, with incredible cocktails and food that change on a seasonal basis to reflect their freshness. It's possible to imagine this as the beginning of an exotic investigation for Sherlock who would surely have a few before setting off to solve the case. 


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Taking its name from a 19th century beverage commonly sold on the streets of London, Purl is a unique London bar in the heart of Marylebone imitating the style of 1920's speakeasies. With seating only, enjoy a great selection of cocktails that will make any connoisseur long for the golden age of cocktail making. Ingrained in London, Purl would be right up Sherlock's street.

Sun & Thirteen Cantons

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With its Parisian inspired decor and post-war pop culture decorations, Sun & Thirteen Cantons attracts a great spectrum of clients throughout the week. A nice relaxed setting, it's a great place for Sherlock to wind down after a busy day at the "office" or a much needed mid-investigation drink that will surely help solve the mystery. 


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Inspired by prohibition era speakeasies, The Nightjar aims to recreate a 1920's setting, with candlelit tables, tin cup cocktails and jazz bands to entertain you every night. With seating only, remember to book in advance before arriving at one of East London's best cocktail havens. Exclusive and hidden, it would be a favourite of Sherlock's, especially in his more solitary moments. 

The Luggage Room

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The Luggage Room is a bar shrouded in mystery. Upon arriving at a rather inconspicuous black door, hit the knocker and confirm your booking through a rather small shutter. What awaits inside is the epitome of Sherlock's perfect hideout spot. A swanky 1920's style gentleman's club, cool, stylish and decadent, with a fine selection of their cocktails, spirits and wines, it's a venue that seems catered for the man himself. 

La Bodega Negra

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La Bodega Negra offers great Mexican food and drinks, in at atmosphere which amalgamates New York style with a Mexican authenticity. A lively atmosphere reminiscent of classic speakeasies, you're sure to experience one of the most interesting nights London has to offer. This Mexican inspired bar is one of the hardest to find, but knowing Sherlock he'd get there in a flash and would relish this place purely for the challenge of finding it. 

Based in Earl's Court, Evans & Peel Detective Agency is a speakeasy bar and restaurant offering a 1920's prohibition era style drinking and eating experience. As the name indicates, a detective will meet you upon arriving where you will be then seated to your table, being able to choose from an array of American food and drinks, such as Old Fashions and beer served in brown paper bags. Sherlock's spiritual home is a cool and secretive drinking den that would even get the man himself excited.