Best Bars To Break Up In London

Sometimes it just wasn't meant to be. Breakups can be pretty horrible but luckily sometimes they're quite amicable, but in any case they're never easy to do. However, you can also never predict how your respective partner (soon to be ex) might react to this news, and where you choose to perform this delicate task is of extreme importance. From quiet intimate spots, to places with beautiful views, and large clubs where you can safely get away in case they don't react too well, check out our recommended list of places to break up in London.



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The Roadhouse Bar and Restaurant in Covent Garden offers excellent food and drinks and spectacle like entertainment throughout the night. Your ex will be so wowed by its atmosphere that they probably won't even care you've just broken up with them. With charges on the door at certain hours, the least you could do is pay for their entrance fee. 

Bar Rumba

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If you're certain that the break up is not going to end well, and if you need to safely do a runner or hide in the crowd, Bar Rumba is the place for you. Also hosting comedy nights, maybe your ex deserves one last laugh before you end it, and maybe someday they'll look back at the situation and laugh. 

The Jones Family Project

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Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, The Jones Family Project simply aims to provide you with hearty food, excellent drinks in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The friendly vibes will probably rub off on your partner, who most certainly would have enjoyed a great time there. Who knows, they might even enjoy the whole experience.