Best Bars To Break Up In London

We know, we know - it's not you, it's them, but if you want to get out of this relationship with all your fingers, toes and vintage Adidas t-shirts, you're going to have to get smart about how you play the break up. The experts may say that public displays of dumping are a bad idea, but we think that the London bar scene has just the right amount of anonymity and exposure - as well as booze and food - to put the kibosh on any tears, tantrums and personal attacks on your upbringing. So, whether you're looking to pour your heart out at some intimate cafe, or do the deed in a packed out club, these our top tips for break up bars in London.

The Luggage Room

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You can't beat the anonymity of a hotel bar, and this 1920's-inspired offering from Grosvenor Square's Marriott Hotel has that perfect balance of moody lighting, excellent cocktails and regular jazz nights where the music will mask your conversation so you can stay safely out of the earshot of any eavesdroppers. 

Fugitive Motel

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Nothing cures a broken heart quite like pizza and that's why Fugitive Motel is one of London's best bars to break up in. Kick off with one of their killer cocktails and a side of "you just don't speak my love language" then tell them you'd like to stay friends over a few comforting sourdough slices. And if you cut them loose on a Tuesday? You'll be able to nab some tasty tacos too.

It's themed, it's loud and it's full of booze - also known as 'optimum public break up conditions'. Grab some drinks and get down to business at the The Cocktail Club's venues, where the noise is pitched loud enough that any shouting gets carried away by happy hordes of post-work punters.


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Many a love has blossomed on the Infernos dancefloor, but it's also a great a place to do away with its shrivelled remains. For one thing, it's big enough for you to put plenty of space between yourself and your ex, and furthermore, it's packed full of like-minded singletons so you can get to work finding their replacement.

The Abbey Tavern

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Usually we'd recommend avoiding rooftop bars for a breakup for the obvious reasons, however this North London pub has one of the lower raised terraces. Should the inevitable occur, it's really not that far to fall, and this popular boozer comes complete with plenty of eye witnesses.