Vegetarian Restaurants in Liverpool

With a diverse population and home to a variety of different cultures, there are plenty of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Liverpool. Whether you're tucking into a fiery South American dish, tasting the best of Italy or enjoying seasonal Mediterranean recipes, long gone are the days of eating a dinner composed entirely of side dishes while your mates tuck into a hearty steak. To help makes things easy, we've pulled together an impressive line-up of the best vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool.

Pho Liverpool

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If you're a fan of authentic Asian cuisine, stop by Pho where they're dishing up Vietnamese classics with a modern twist. To top it off, their impressive collection of vegan-friendly eats takes up a good quarter of the menu, so you can chow down without a worry. 

Rosa's Thai Cafe Liverpool

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One of Liverpool's much-loved Asian restaurants, Rosa's Thai Cafe has rocked up at the Albert Dock with a mix of delicious curries, steaming soups and plenty of tasty veggie options. Head here for an affordable, casual meal.

Gusto Liverpool

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From homemade artichoke tortellini and baked aubergine Milanese to Mediterranean pizza topped with vegetables and drizzled with olive oil, Gusto has been busy curating a menu that truly shows off Italian cuisine in all its glory. What more could you ask for from a vegetarian restaurant in Liverpool?

Leaf on Bold Street might have made a name for itself by serving stunning tea infusions that are mixed on the spot, but it's the venue's great vegetarian dishes that have really caught out attention. With both full vegan and vegetarian breakfasts, eggs asparagus and American pancakes topped with fruit and syrup, this is perfect for a vegetarian lunch.

The Baltic Social

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Shaking things up with a vegan version of their afternoon punk tea, The Baltic Social is cooking meat-free Scotch eggs, plant-based spring rolls and more. As for Sunday roasts, you'll be sorted out with a veggie offering.

Salt House Tapas is a vegetarian restaurant in Liverpool with a simple mantra; traditional Spanish recipes, cooked using fresh ingredients and served in a welcoming environment. In tandem with the veggie section of the menu, chefs also offer diners a vegan menu, made up of dishes such as oyster mushrooms with confit shallots and salt-baked beetroot.

Whether you fancy falafel sharer boards and aubergine shawarma or came for the skillet pie on the Sunday roast menu, Maray has something for all occasions? Did we mention that there's a special vegan selection too? Think mezzo, large plates and more.

Located on Duke Street, Down The Hatch is dedicated to having you stuff your faces with top-notch nosh. From brunch to weekend dishes and all-day dining, it's all plant-based junk food from seitan and soy mince to vegan bratwurst and jackfruit nuggets.