Quirky Things To Do In Liverpool

If there's one place that likes to keep things cool and different, it's this glorious city. The Northeast gem is chock full of unusual cocktails bars, offbeat events and fun restaurants, so there's always plenty to get stuck into. Check out our list of quirky things to do in Liverpool to add a little spice to your day or night out.

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Last updated on 10th July 2024

Alcotraz Liverpool: Cell Block Three-Six

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Liverpool on Various dates from Wednesday 17th July 2024

Are you on the lookout for cool things to do in Liverpool? Then be sure to check out Alcotraz, an immersive bar that replicates a real-life prison, with metallic cells and a warden. But it's not all bad, as you'll be served up a range of tasty drinks by the guards.

Moonshine Saloon Liverpool: Western Cocktail Experience

@ Moonshine Saloon on Various dates from Wednesday 17th July 2024

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be at the heart of a covert liquor operation (of course you have), then get tickets to Moonshine Saloon Liverpool: Western Cocktail Experience and rub shoulders with outlaws. Sport your very own themed gear, crafted by the village tailor, to avoid any unwanted attention from the Sheriff and bandits passing through, deal cards and roll the dice as part of this immersive, theatrical experience. 

Liverpool Brunch Social

@ Flight Club Liverpool on Various dates from Saturday 24th August 2024

Looking for something fun and a little bit different to get up to this weekend in Liverpool? Book your spot at Flight Club's Social Brunch and enjoy a two-hour session featuring darts and pizza. Tickets start from £30 per person and include a whole bottle of prosecco each that you can mix with complementary orange juice.

Liverpool Naval Club

Located on Bowring Park Road, Liverpool Naval Club hosts a range of top-notch events in their cool space. Whether you're after a Lionel Richie or a Whitney Housten sing-along, then this is the perfect spot to enjoy live entertainment with a glass of bubbly.

Tonight Josephine Liverpool

When it comes down to fun things to do in Liverpool city centre, Tonight Josephine has it all. This wacky venue has a range of cool activities to enjoy across the pink-inspired space, including Harry Styles-themed brunches and karaoke nights galore, which are sure to impress. 

Junkyard Golf Club - Liverpool

@ Junkyard Golf Club Liverpool on Various dates from Wednesday 17th July 2024

Looking to impress a date or your friends with a cool, quirky venue for your next night out? Then Junkyard Golf Club has got to be the top choice, thanks to three nine-hole courses filled with kooky decor such as palm trees, disco balls and neon paint splattered across the walls. Tickets cost as little as £9.50 per person, and you can even sip on delicious cocktails such as the Pink Flamingo or a Toxic Waste while you're at it.